Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)

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Year Four students:

  • clerkship-va experiential educationActively provide care for patients under the supervision of the pharmacist preceptor in a variety of pharmacy settings. Students continue to build on skills learned in introductory experiences to manage patient care. Students complete at least one rotation in the hospital and at least one rotation in the community pharmacy settings focusing on patient care.
  • Assess medication systems to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication use in pharmacy settings. Students review medication systems and make recommendations for improvement. Students complete one rotation in the hospital and one rotation in the community pharmacy settings focusing on medication systems management.
  • Teach health and wellness to ensure patients attain healthy lifestyles. Students administer immunizations, perform tobacco cessation counseling, and provide nutrition and physical activity education and support.
  • Engage with patients and providers in patient care decision-making to provide optimal drug therapy. Students learn critical team-based interaction skills including team dynamics, conflict resolution, and respect for other members of the team.
  • Explore pharmacy practice options by selecting up to four elective rotations. Elective rotations range from pediatrics, geriatrics, transplant, infectious disease pharmacy practice to non-patient care settings such as research, teaching, state organizations and the FDA. Students may also select from international rotations in eight different countries including Australia, Belize, China, England, Malaysia, Oman, South Africa, and Thailand.
  • Practice professionalism as they transition from student pharmacists to professional pharmacists. Students demonstrate professionalism in their attitudes and behaviors consistent with a respected member of the pharmacy profession.
  • Other opportunities for year four students:
    • Participate in a residency track program to prepare for post-graduate training.
    • Participate in global/public health focus rotations to compliment a Masters or Certificate in Public Health.
    • Participate in UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research programs to obtain a Masters or Certificate in translational research.