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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Areas and Faculty Labs

Our Top 10 School of Pharmacy features world-class labs and research centers that are advancing our understanding of medicine and science.

Create the future of health to improve lives.

Students and scholars are rising to the challenges of a rapidly changing world with cutting-edge multidisciplinary research. Our discoveries and insights are changing the conversation in almost every area of pharmaceutical, social, clinical, technological and biomedical inquiry. As they have for the last 135 years.

From developing new drugs and pioneering new delivery methods to innovating patient care and shaping public policy to create a healthier, more equitable world, this is where breakthrough bench science and the Wisconsin Idea come together to change lives.

If you want to be there to see the next breakthrough and prepare yourself for a career that’s a step ahead, it’s time to explore your future at the School of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Research Areas