Centers & Institutes

The University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Pharmacy is home to the following research centers and institutes:

American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
Non-profit national organization devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding of the place of pharmacy in history.
Analytical Instrumentation Center
Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, and Spectrophotometry Facilities supporting research in the School of Pharmacy and beyond.
Institute for Clinical & Translational Research
Transforming Wisconsin research from discoveries into real-life community practice.
Medicinal Chemistry Center
Providing collaborative drug discovery services to chemists, biologists, and the biomedical community across all therapeutic areas.
Office of Global Health
Fostering sustainable educational, service and research collaborations with partner institutions domestically and internationally.
Sonderegger Research Center for Improved Medication Outcomes
Conducting research that promotes health, improves healthcare, and supports effective pharmacy services.
UWCCC Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Pharmacogenetics Lab (3P Lab)
Supporting drug development with clinical and preclinical pharmacology analysis.
Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station
Effective selection and early development of potential new medicines.