Past Busse Lectures

The Busse Lecture series is intended to bring speakers to the School of Pharmacy who have a fundamental research interest combined with a strong knowledge of the industrial pharmaceutical research environment.

May 4, 2018

Dr. Simon J.L. Billinge
Professor of Materials Science and of Applied Mathematics
Columbia University
Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

  • Amorphous or nanocrystalline? Advances in total scattering pair distribution function methods for characterizing amorphous and nanocrystalline pharmaceuticals
  • Finding atoms at the nanoscale for more controlled drug delivery
Sept 14-15, 2017

Dr. Allen S. Hoffman
Professor Emeritus
Department of Bioengineering
University of Washington, Seattle

  • Update on PEG and PEGylation
  • History of Biomaterials & Medical Devices
Apr 8, 2016

Dr. Mauro Ferrari, PhD
President and CEO, Houston Methodist Research Institute
Director, Institute for Academic Medicine, Houston Methodist Hospital System Senior Associate Dean & Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

  • Nanomedicine 101 & 102
  • Transport Oncophysics
Apr 30 – May 1, 2015

Dr. Kazunori Kataoka
Professor of Biomaterials, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo

  • Nanotechnology to Develop “the Magic Bullet” for Targeted Cancer Therapy
  • Targeted Chemo- and Molecular-Therapy by self-Asssembled Supramolecular Smart (SSS) Nanosystems from Funcitonalized Block Copolymers
Dec 12-13, 2013

Dr. Leslie Z. Benet
Professor, Department of Bioengineering & Therapeutic Sciences, Schools of Pharmacy & Medicine – UC-San Francisco

  • Transporters, Enzymes and Transporter-Enzyme Interplay in Predicting Drug Absorption and Disposition
  • A Unifying PK/PD Relationship to Predict Drug Dosing REgimens for NMEs, Validate clinical Biomarkers as Qualified Surrogates and Serve as a Quality PK/PD Model Metric
May 9-10, 2013

Dr. Gordon L. Amidon
Charles R. Walgreen, Jr., Professor of Pharmacy; Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan

  • A Century of Conflation, Confusion and Global Warming: Biopharmaceutical Product Standards
  • Improving the Oral Absorption of BCS Class III and IV Drugs
Dec 1-2, 2011

Dr. Donald A. Tomalia
CEO and Founder NanoSynthons, LLC, National Dendrimer & Nanotechnology Center, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

  • Dendrimer-based Drug Delivery, Imaging and nanopharmaceuticals
  • Dentron/Dendrimers: Windo to a New Systematic Framework for Unifying Neuroscience
Oct 7-8, 2010

Dr. James M. Anderson
Department of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University

  • Inflammatory Cell Interactions and th eForeign Body Reaction with Surface-Modified Biomaterials
  • Biomaterial Biocompatibility and Biological Design Criteria: Issues and Perspectives
Oct 22-23, 2009

Dr. Valentino J. Stella
Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemsitry, University of Kansas

  • A Case for Prodrugs
  • Drug Release of a Poorly Water Soluble Drug from Microporous Pump Tablets and Pellets with (SBE)TM-β-CD as Both a Soubizer and Osmoagent?
Nov 13-14, 2008

Dr. Kinam Park
Showalter Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics, Purdue University

  • Drug Delivery Systems: Macro Issues of Nano/Micro Formulations
  • Drug-eluding Stents: What Now?
Nov 8-9, 2007

Dr. Ronald T. Borchardt
Solon E. Summerfield Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, The University of Kansas

  • Drug Design with Biopharmaceutics in Mind: A Paradigm Shift in Drug Discovery
  • The Challenges of Designing Cyclic Prodrugs of Opioid Peptides that Permeate the Intestinal Mucosa and the Blood-Brain Barrier
Nov 30-Dec 1, 2006

Dr. Allan S. Myerson
Philip Danforth Amour Professor of Engineering and the Provost & Senior Vice President, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Crystallization Process Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Nucleation Mechanism and Its Role in the Polymorphic Outcome of Solution Crystallization
May 18-19, 2006

Dr. Jindrich “Henry” Kopecek
Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering and Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah

  • Water-soluble Polymers for Cancer Therapy: Concept, Clinical Applications, and Future Directions
  • Self-assembly of Graft and Block Copolymers into Stimuli-sensitive Hydrogels
Apr 7-8, 2005

Dr. Stephen R. Byrn
Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Purdue University

  • Solid State Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • The Regulated Pharmaceutical Industry in 2010
Apr 8-9, 2004

Dr. Arthur J. Coury
Vice President of Biomaterials Research, Genzyme Corp

  • Sustained Drug Delivery: Advanced Systems, Growing Therapeutic Applications
  • A Biomaterials Career Regrospective: 1976-2004
Oct 17-18, 2002

Prof. C. Russell Middaugh
Aya & Takeru Higuchi Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemsitry, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kansas

  • Stabilizing Vaccines for the Developing World
  • The Polyanion World Hypothesis
Oct 10-11, 2001

Dr. Arthur R. Mlodozeniec
Principal Scientist, TechniPharm Consulting Group, Menlo Park, CA

  • The Formulation and Pharmaceutical Develpoment of Haloperoxidase Enzymes as Hybrid Products for Microbicidal Activity – Physical and Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics
  • Microbicidal Activity and Topical Drug Delivery for Vaginal Microbicides and Surgical & Combat Wounds – Pharmaceutical Control and Stability
Sept 23, 24, 1999

Dr. James L. Wright
Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, Alkermes Inc., Cambridge, MA

  • Using Injectable Drug Delivery Systems to Iimprove the Treatment of Patients
  • The Effect of Protein Particle Size on Drug Delivery
May 6-7, 1998

Dr. Sung Wan Kim
Professor of Pharmaceutics and Director of the Center for Chemical Delivery Systems, University of Utah

  • Novel Polymers for the Delivery of Macromolecular Drugs and Cells
  • New Polymeric Gene Carriers
Feb 5-7. 1997

Dr. Douwe D. Breimer
Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Leiden University, Netherlands
Director of Research, The Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research

  • Drug Transport across the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Pharmacodynamics of Rate and Time Control in Drug Delivery
Feb 7-8, 1996

Dr. Joseph D. Andrade, Jr.
Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Materials Science, & Engineering, and Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, University of Utah

  • Direct Reading Biosensors: Analytical Chemistry without Instruments
  • Scientists and the Public Understanding of Science
May 3-4, 1994

Dr. William J. Curatolo
Manager, Oral Druge Delivery and Controlled Release Groups, Pfizer Central Research Division

  • Intestinal Permeability Enhancement for Poorly Permeable Drugs: Efficacy and Toxicity
  • Oral Bioavailability Improvement Strategies for Tripeptide Renin Inhibitors
Apr 19, 1993

Dr. Lewis J. Leeson
Distinguished Research Fellow, CIBA-GEIGY Pharmaceuticals

  • Generic Substitution in New Jersey – A New Jersey Drug Utilization Rreview Council Report
  • A Bit of Physical Pharmacy Nostalgia – The Ionization of Tetracyclines
Oct 23-24, 1991

Dr. Elizabeth B. Vadas
Director, Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Merck-Frosst Center for Therapeutic Research

  • The Development of a New Therapeutic Entity: The Search for New Therapies in Respiratory Disease
  • Formulation Development and Bioanalytical Evaluation of MK-886, an Orally Active Leukotriene Biosynthesis Inhibitor
Apr 15-16, 1991

Dr. Robert Langer
Kenneth J. Germeshausen Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Immobilized Enzyme Bioreactors for Removal of Heparin, Bilirubin, an dcholesterol
  • Novel POlymeric Delivery Systems for Drugs and Mammalian Cells
Nov 28-29, 1989

Dr. Felix Franks
Director of the biopreservation Division, Pafra Ltd.

  • Cold Resistance in Living Organisms: What Can We Learn from Nature?
  • The In Vitro Stabilization of Proteins: Science, Engineering, Legislation and Economics
Apr 5-6, 1988

Dr. Russell O. Potts
Manager of the Dermally Applied Drugs (DAD) Group, Pfizer Central Research

  • Statum Corneum Lipids and Skinn Barrier Function: In Vitro and In Vivo Effects
  • Can Epidermal Metabolism Affect Topical Drug Delivery?
Apr 28-29, 1987

Dr. Richard E. Jones
Director of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Genentech, Inc.

  • Design and Development of Protein Pharmaceuticals
  • Preformulation Characterization of Recombinant Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator (rt-PA)
Apr 22-23, 1986

Dr. Francis C. Szoka, Jr.
Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, UC-San Francisco

  • The Role of Bilayer Contact in Membrane Destabilization: Applications to Drug Delivery from pH Sensitive Liposomes
  • The Magic Bullet Revisted – Targeting of Drugs Using Drug Carriers
Apr 22-23, 1985

Dr. Takeru Higuchi
University Regents Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas

  • Drug Absorption Across the Skin
  • Solubility of Organic Compounds
May 3-4, 1984

Dr. William R. Good
Director, Basic Pharmaceutics Research, Pharmaceuticals Division, CIBA-GEIGY Corporation

  • Pharmaceutics – An Interdisciplinary Discipline
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery – Opportunities in Endocrinology
Feb 21-22, 1983

Dr. Michael J. Pikal
Research Scientist, Lilly Research Laboratories, Division of Eli Lilly and Company

  • Industrial Pharmaceutical Research: Scintific Solutions to Practical Problems
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in the Freeze Drying of Pharmaceuticals
Nov 12-13, 1981

Dr. Felix Theeuwes
Vice President, Product Research and Development, Alza Corporation

  • The Development of Osmotic Pumps
  • Osmotic Pumps as Rate Specified Dosage Forms
Nov 3-5, 1980

Dr. K. C. Kwan
Senior Director, Merck Dohme Research Laboratories

  • Physiological Disposition of Sulindac
  • Durg Interaction as a Pharmacokinetic Tool
  • Methods and Assumptions in Bioavailability Evaluation
Oct 1-3, 1979

Dr. Everett N. Hiestand
Senior Scientist, The Upjohn Company

  • Material Properties That Influence Tableting
  • Time Dependent Properties in Tableting
  • Applications of Powder Flow and Compaction Theory to Tablet Machines