About the Center


MCC faculty & staff

Left to right: F. Michael Hoffmann, Jennifer Golden, John Feltenberger, Weiping Tang, Zheng-Qing Ye, Zhi-Xiong Ma

The Medicinal Chemistry Center is led by co-directors, Dr. Weiping Tang,  Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry, and Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Professor of Oncology and Medical Genetics, co-leader of the UW Carbone Cancer Center Experimental Therapeutics Program and faculty supervisor of our partner facility, the Small Molecule Screening Facility. MCC associate director, Dr. Jennifer E. Golden, is a recent addition to the School of Pharmacy faculty and brings significant medicinal chemistry experience from the pharmaceutical industry and the University of Kansas Specialized Chemistry Center as its former assistant director.

The MCC is currently staffed by three PhD-level scientists: Dr. John Feltenberger, Dr. Zhi-Xiong Ma, and Dr. Zheng-Qing Ye who have previously worked with over 40 individual UW-Madison laboratories across a broad range of projects requiring lead and probe discovery, hit-to-lead optimization, rational drug design, and scale-up synthesis to fuel animal studies. Assistant director, Dr. John Feltenberger, provides oversight of the MCC synthetic chemistry labs which are in close proximity to specialized synthetic equipment that is utilized by the Center.

Professor Weiping Tang – Co-Director

Professor F. Michael Hoffmann – Co-Director

Professor Jennifer Golden – Associate Director

John Feltenberger, Ph. D. – Assistant Director and Associate Scientist

Zhi-Xiong Ma, Ph.D.  – Associate Scientist

Zheng-Qing Ye, Ph.D. ­ – Associate Scientist



The Medicinal Chemistry Center occupies approximately 1000 sq. ft. of dedicated synthetic chemistry laboratory space in the School of Pharmacy. The MCC chemistry lab has an Anton Paar Monowave 300 with a 24 position autosampler for microwave facilitated synthesis, Agilent HPLC system set up for both analysis and purification and a Teledyne Isco CombiFlash unit for rapid purification of reactions. MCC chemists also have access to the School of Pharmacy Analytical Instrumentation Center (AIC). The AIC is equipped with Varian Unity-Inova 400 MHz and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers and a number of Mass Spectrometers, such as  Agilent 1100 HPLC-MSD VL Quadrupole MS, an Agilent 1100 HPLC-MSD SL Ion Trap MS for MS-MS and an IonSpec ProMALDI FT MS.

In addition, the MCC collaborates with other laboratories in the School of Pharmacy and across campus as needed to access state of the art capabilities for advanced analyses: UW Network of Expertise.

Additional services are available via collaboration with other UW centers of expertise including the Small Molecule Screening Facility, Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division faculty expertise in drug discovery, drug action and drug delivery and the School of Pharmacy’s Analytical Instrumentation Center.