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The Wenthur Lab is always looking for talented scientists, clinicians, and scholars to collaborate with or to join our interdisciplinary team. Across all positions in the lab, we value those individuals who want to work and train across traditional disciplinary boundaries, are able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders, and who always act with respect toward others.

Particularly well-qualified applicants may have didactic training, lab, or work experience in any of: synthetic chemistry, bioconjugation, pharmacokinetic modeling, biophysical affinity measurement, quantitative mass spectrometry, antibody isolation and purification, vaccine formulation, rodent behavioral models, tissue collection and fixation, fluorescence imaging, drug development, or work with regulated psychoactive drug molecules.

If you think that you might be a good fit for working with our group, please get in touch!

Prospective PhD students

Apply through the Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD program in the School of Pharmacy, the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Training Program, or the Neuroscience Training Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Students seeking an MD/PhD dual degree at UW–Madison may also join our lab through any of these programs.

Post-doctoral applicants

Please send a CV, research summary, and an estimate of availability to

Undergraduate, PharmD, and MS students

Please send your inquiry and an electronic copy of your CV to

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