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Community Pharmacy and the Opioid Epidemic

Ford, J. H., 2nd, Gilson, A. M., Bryan, G., Augustine, C., Gassman, M., & Mott, D. A. (2021). Community pharmacy-based injectable naltrexone service delivery models and best practices. Research in social & administrative pharmacy : RSAP, 17(7), 1332–1341.
Ford, J. H., 2nd, Gilson, A., & Mott, D. A. (2019). Systematic Analysis of the Service Process and the Legislative and Regulatory Environment for a Pharmacist-Provided Naltrexone Injection Service in Wisconsin. Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland), 7(2), 59.

Digital Therapeutics for Dementia Care

Gilson, A., Gassman, M., Dodds, D., Lombardo, R., Ford Ii, J. H., & Potteiger, M. (2022). Refining a Digital Therapeutic Platform for Home Care Agencies in Dementia Care to Elicit Stakeholder Feedback: Focus Group Study With Stakeholders. JMIR aging, 5(1), e32516.
Gilson, A., Dodds, D., Kaur, A., Potteiger, M., & Ford Ii, J. H. (2019). Using Computer Tablets to Improve Moods for Older Adults With Dementia and Interactions With Their Caregivers: Pilot Intervention Study. JMIR formative research, 3(3), e14530.
Ford Ii, J. H., Dodds, D., Hyland, J., & Potteiger, M. (2019). Evaluating the Impact of Music & Memory's Personalized Music and Tablet Engagement Program in Wisconsin Assisted Living Communities: Pilot Study. JMIR aging, 2(1), e11599.

Implementation and Sustainment Facilitation

Ford, J. H., 2nd, Cheng, H., Gassman, M., Fontaine, H., Garneau, H. C., Keith, R., Michael, E., & McGovern, M. P. (2022). Stepped implementation-to-target: a study protocol of an adaptive trial to expand access to addiction medications. Implementation science : IS, 17(1), 64.
Ford, J. H., 2nd, Gilson, A. M., Maurer, M. A., Hoffman, K. A., & Garner, B. R. (2021). A peek behind the curtain: exploring coaching styles within the implementation and sustainment facilitation (ISF) strategy in the substance abuse treatment to HIV care study. Implementation science communications, 2(1), 140.
Garner, B. R., Gotham, H. J., Chaple, M., Martino, S., Ford Ii, J. H., Roosa, M. R., Speck, K. J., Vandersloot, D., Bradshaw, M., Ball, E. L., Toro, A. K., Griggs, C., & Tueller, S. J. (2020). The implementation and sustainment facilitation strategy improved implementation effectiveness and intervention effectiveness: Results from a cluster-randomized, type 2 hybrid trial. Implementation research and practice, 1, 10.1177/2633489520948073.
Garner, B. R., Zehner, M., Roosa, M. R., Martino, S., Gotham, H. J., Ball, E. L., Stilen, P., Speck, K., Vandersloot, D., Rieckmann, T. R., Chaple, M., Martin, E. G., Kaiser, D., & Ford, J. H., 2nd (2017). Testing the implementation and sustainment facilitation (ISF) strategy as an effective adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) strategy: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial. Addiction science & clinical practice, 12(1), 32.
Ford, J. H., 2nd, Abramson, B., Wise, M., Dattalo, M., & Mahoney, J. E. (2017). Bringing Healthy Aging to Scale: A Randomized Trial of a Quality Improvement Intervention to Increase Adoption of Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs by Community Partners. Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP, 23(5), e17–e24.