The School of Pharmacy has formal committees actively engaged in fulfilling educational needs and making recommendations to the faculty and administration. Committee appointments are made by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, with the members selected from the faculty and administration.

Students also serve on several of the committees (marked with a “+” in the committee membership) and are selected for committee membership in a variety of ways. Students interested in serving on a committee should contact their advisor regarding available vacancies. The formal committees and their current chairperson (highlighed in red) are listed below:

Standing Committees

Academic Planning Council Mel de Villers, Betty Chewning (to 9/2019), Mary Hayney (to 9/2017), Sandro Mecozzi (to 9/2017), Arash Bashirullah (to 9/2019), Andrea Porter (to 9/2018), Dave Kreling (to 7/17), Dave Mott (7/17 to 9/2018), Zoe Andrews (staff)
Resource people: Steve Swanson, DAC  committee charge
Animal Use Paul Marker, Lara Collier, Delinda Johnson, Tien-Min Lin, Andrew Jefcoat, Michael Gallardo committee charge
Beth Martin, Sarah Bailey (vice chair; non-voting), Eric Buxton, Bob Breslow, *Kate Hartkopf (to 9/2018), Dave Kreling (to 7/17), Mike Pitterle, Steve Oakes +(DPH-1) +(Heather Stone (DPH-3) + John Rutsch (DPH-2), Katy Tomlinson, Joe Zorek, Barb Beinborn (staff)

Resource people: Mel de Villiers, Emily Tarter committee charge

Awards and Citations Casey Gallimore, Ruth Bruskiewitz, Erik Burns, Ed Elder, + Cidnee Carrigan (DPH-4), Greg Higby, Jeff Johnson, + Tyler Liebenstein (to 5/2017), + Daniel Bruckbauer (DPH-3), Katy Tomlinson (to 5/2017), Emily Tarter (to 5/2017), Zoe Andrews (staff)

Resource people: Karen Kopacek, Karen Steinle, Anna Reinhart  committee charge

Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Amy Childs (to 9/2015), Kelsey Henriquez (to 9/2015), Emily  Tarter (to 9/2014), Pam French (to 9/2016), Dale Wilson (to 9/2015), Rita Malinowski (to 9/2015), Karen Steinle

Resource People: Rosa Garner, Jenni Regan, Steve Swanson  committee charge

Community Residency Program Advisory Board Marty Kieser, *David Axt (Stockbridge-Munsee HIS), *Michelle Farrell (Bohlman), *Ken Ford (LaCrosse),  *Marvin Moore (The Medicine Shoppe), *Jamie Statz-Paynter / *Keila Schutten / *Kristen Peterson / *Tina Lisowe (Dean Clinic), Nicole Schrreiner (Streu’s Pharmacy and Bay Natural), Steve Swanson, Libby Theune (staff)

Non-voting members: Michelle Farrell (Boscobel Pharmacy), Ken Ford (Cass Street Pharmacy), Staci Williams (Tomah VAMC)

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Adam Whitehorse, Ron Burnette, Josh Cutler, Mel de Villiers, Karen Kopacek, Paul Marker, Mike Pitterle, Melanie Schneider, Diane Stojanovich committee charge
Coordinating Committee for Academic Programs (CCAP) Mel de Villiers (Academic Affairs), Marty Kieser (ELP), Karen Kopacek (SAA), Connie Kraus (Admissions), Chuck Lauhon (Grad Studies), Beth Martin (Assessment), Dave Mott (SAS), Steve Oakes (Pharm/Tox), Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli (Curriculum), Zoe Andrews (staff)

Resource People: Sarah Bailey (Assessment), Emily Tarter (SAA office), Jeremy Altschafl (Admissions) committee charge

Curriculum Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli, Emily Tarter (vice chair; non-voting), Ron Burnette, Betty Chewning, Casey Gallimore, + Tyler Lee (DPH-3), Mary Hayney, Paul Hutson, Richard Hsung, Chuck Lauhon, Dave Mott, *Marie Pietruszka (to9/2017), Mike Pitterle, Warren Rose, Lindsey Weigel (staff)
Resource people: Sarah Bailey, Mel de Villiers, Susan Tran Degrand (Ebling) committee charge
Dean’s Advisory Council Steve Swanson, Ron Burnette, Barry Gidal, Al Hanson, Mel de Villiers, Karen Kopacek, Paul Marker, Dave Mott, Diane Stojanovich, Adam Whitehorse, Kim Rantanen-Day (staff) committee charge

Resource People: Jeremy Altschafl, Beth Martin, Mike Pittterle, Chuck Lauhon, Marty Kieser, Sharon Vetter

Educational Innovation Taskforce Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli, Eric Buxton, Ron Burnette, Barry Gidal, Beth Martin, Dave Mott, Mike Pitterle, Joe Zorek
Equity, Diversity & Climate – Faculty/Staff Eva Vivian, Jenni Regan (vice chair), Amy Childs, Sally Griffith-Oh, Kristen Huset, Jason Kwan, Kevin Look, Joan Palmer, Tina Rundle, Weiping Tang, Susan Tran Degrand, Amy Zwaska
Resource People: Ron Burnette
committee charge
Equity, Diversity & Climate – Student Barry Gidal, Susan Tran Degrand (vice chair), Warren Heideman, Ken Niemeyer, steve Oakes, Melanie Schneider, Yinka Shiyanbola, *Yolanda Tolson, Graduate Students, Xiuwen Chen (DPH3), Logan Laatsch (DPH3), + Ellen Sheckler, + John Harter, (DPH-2), + Aaron Sackett (DPH-2), + Laura Josephson (Tox-4).
Resource people: Mel de Villiers, Karen Kopacek
committee charge
Executive Committee Steve Swanson, All Associate Professors, All Full Professors, Kim Rantanen-Day (staff) committee charge
Experiential Learning Program (ELP) Operations Operations: Marty Kieser, Susie Barnett, Becky Beebe, Bob Breslow, Kathy Chylla, Connie Kraus, Amanda Margolis, Andrea Porter, Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli, Libby Theune, Tina Rundle (staff)

Quality Review Council: Marty Kieser (Secretary), Susie Barnett, + (DPH-4) (to 5/20), *Gretchen Manthei Home Health Madison (to 5/2017), *Anthony Peterangelo Community MacFarland (to 5/2017), + (DPH-3) (to 5/20), *(to 5/20), *(to 5/20), Matt Wolf Hospital-Milwaukee, Tina Rundle (staff)

Resource People: Mel de Villiers, Sarah Bailey, Mike Pitterle, Emily Tarter committee charge

Faculty Activities Review Ron Burnette, Tim Bugni, Michelle Chui, Lara Collier, Barry Gidal, Dave Mott, Andrea Porter, Kim Rantanen-Day (staff) committee charge
Graduate Studies
Chuck Lauhon, +Bao Le, + Ephrem Aboneh, + Nick Capote, Lara Collier, Jason Kwan, Kevin Look, Steve Rough, Chris Sorkness, Michael Taylor, Ken Niemeyer (staff) committee charge
Instrumentation Paul Marker, Mass Spec users (Lingjun Li, Cameron Scarlett), NMR users (Tim Bugni, Thomas Stringfellow) committee charge
PharmD Admissions
Connie Kraus, Jeremy Altschafl (vice chair; non-voting), Becky Beebe (non-voting), +(DPH-3) / (DPH-3), *John Cesar (to 5/2016), John Dopp, Jannelle Frey (non-voting), Barry Gidal, Casey Gallimore, *Kerry Goldrosen (to 5/2017), Mary Hayney, Dave Kreling (to 7/2017), Glen Kwon, Orly Vardeny, Eva Vivian, Chris Bischel (staff)

Resource people: Mel de Villiers, Karen Kopacek, Ken Niemeyer Mike Pitterle(scholarships), Susan Tran Degrand, Adam Whitehorse (scholarships), Amy Zwaska  committee charge

Pharm/Tox Admissions / Oversight
Steve Oakes, Ken Niemeyer (vice chair; non-voting), Jeremy Altschafl (non-voting), Margaret Clagett-Dame, Mel de Villiers, Jannelle Frey (non-voting), Jeff Johnson, Dick Peterson (to 11/2016), Chad Vezina (Vet Med), *Nadia Sweet (2d Med Student)
Resource people: Karen Kopacek, Mike Pitterle, Melanie Schneider, Susan Tran Degrand, Amy Zwaska  committee charge
Pharm/Tox Advisory Board Margaret Clagett-Dame, *John Davis, *Pat Guiney, *Scott Haugen, Jeff Johnson, Ken Niemeyer, Steve Oakes, Dick Peterson, *Jack Vanden Heuvel, Molly Weiler, *Casey Spitzer, Steve Swanson (ex officio)

External Advisory Board

Paul Marker, Betty Chewning, Michelle Chui, Richard Hsung, Jill Kolesar, Lingjun Li, Warren Rose, Sandro Mecozzi

Resource Person: Sharon Vetter, Adam Whitehorse  committee charge

Safety Sandro Mecozzi, Chuck Lauhon, Weiping Tang

Resource people: Ron Burnette, Josh Cutler, Paul Marker  committee charge

Scholarships Susie Barnett, Jannelle Frey (vice chair), *Jim Davis (to 9/2017), Bonnie Fingerhut, Pam French, Connie Kraus, Angela Madalon (to 9/2018),  Chris Natynski, Ron Sorkness, Susan Tran Degrand, *Maria Wopat (to 9/2017), Zoe Andrews (staff)

Resource people: Jeremy Altschafl, Mike Pitterle, Adam Whitehorse committee charge

Student Promotion Mel de Villiers, Karen Kopacek (co-chair), Melanie Schneider (vice-chair), Berook Addisu*, Susanne Barnett, Ruth Bruskiewitz, Steve Ebert*, Bonnie Fingerhut, Jill Kolesar, Ron Sorkness, Lee Vermeulen, Eva Vivian, Lindsey Weigel (staff) committee charge

Resource person: Jeremy Altschafl

Sonderegger Research Center Administrative Board Betty Chewning, Michelle Chui, Dave Kreling, Kevin Look, Dave Mott, Yinka Shiyanbola, Steve Swanson (ex officio), Dale Wilson (staff)
Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station Advisory Board Gene McNally, Mel de Villiers, Gene Fiese, Jayne Hastedt, Derek Hei, Glen Kwon, Sandro Mecozzi, Sherry Shamblin, Mehran Yazdanian, Ed Elder (ex officio), Mark Sachetti (ex officio), Steve Swanson (ex officio)

Other Administrative Functions

Faculty Secretary Kim Rantanen-Day
Faculty Senate Arash Bashirullah (alt Lara Collier), Michelle Chui (alt TBD), Michael Taylor (alt Jason Kwan)