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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alumni Profile – Michelle Farrell

Michelle Farrell in Boscobel Pharmacy
Michelle Farrell, owner, pharmacy manager, Boscobel Pharmacy.

We celebrate the contributions, achievements, and engagement of our alumni. We invite you to learn more about members of our Badger pharmacy family through the alumni profiles.

When did you get your degree(s) at UW? What is/was your area of expertise?
I received my Pharmacy BS in 1999 and PharmD in 2000.
My expertise is in community practice.

Where do you currently work? What are your job responsibilities?
Boscobel Pharmacy, owner, pharmacy manager

Describe a special memory from your time at the School of Pharmacy?
I remember the constructing of the new school of pharmacy.  Though I wasn’t able to attend pharmacy school in the new building, the excitement around the construction and vision of the project was inspiring.

How do you feel pharmaceutical sciences and/or the pharmacy profession has changed since you graduated from the School of Pharmacy?
Within my practice the impact of technology has been awesome. In 2000, the main means of obtaining a prescription was a fax; today it is almost entirely electronic. Plus, today I have the ability to work with local physicians via their Electronic Health Records systems. This has greatly enhanced our ability to provide patient care.

How do you “stay connected” with UW grads or with the School of Pharmacy?
I find the best way to stay connected is through the alumni association activities, professional organization meetings and Facebook 🙂

What advice would you give to current or aspiring pharmacy (PharmD or graduate) students?
Be a sponge…soak up all of the knowledge and experiences that are available to you as a University of Wisconsin-Madison student and pursue your passions. Life is too short to not enjoy where you are at, so work on your five and ten year vision and goals and constantly work towards them. Finally, surround yourself with people who will support you like a family.

If you had to take one course again. What course and how would you do?
Pharmacology, I struggled with that class in pharmacy school and would like another shot at it! I would do much better now…

Faculty and or staff member remembered the most and why?
I was blessed to work with a number of staff through my hourly job and through my organization involvement. I most remember Larry Boh, as he served as my mentor and I worked for him as a student hourly. He taught me a great deal about patient care and teaching and helped me find my passion in pharmacy–patient care in the community.

I love to travel and have gone on a few mission trips to Guatemala where I have served dental patients and pharmacy patients. In my spare time, I love to watch Wisconsin sports or be outdoors with my golden retriever and garden at my father’s farm. Also I love food whether it’s cooking with my family or trying new restaurants.

Random thoughts…
Having remodeled our pharmacy in 2011, we welcome alumni and students to stop in and take a tour.