Continuing Education

In pursuit of its educational mission, the Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station in conjunction with the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development in the School of Pharmacy offers a coherent program of education and training in drug product development that brings the relevant science and technology together in the context of regulatory science and business.

  • STATION sponsored short courses in this domain enable scientists and technical managers to increase their skills and knowledge in the process and science of drug product development.
  • STATION affiliated Core Courses in Applied Drug Development represent an evolving curriculum designed to address the need for training qualified pharmaceutical scientists for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The STATION also extends similar educational opportunities to UW-Madison graduate students in pharmaceutical sciences and other scientific disciplines, to gain hands-on experience in the various aspects of preclinical drug development that will become part of their future work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Applied Drug Development Certificate Program

Certificate programs are noncredit and do not lead to the conferral of a degree as defined by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, rather, they are a focused series of courses, that, when completed, afford the student a record of coherent academic accomplishment in a given discipline or set of related disciplines. A minimum of 100 hours (four or five courses) is required to receive a drug development certificate.

Core Curriculum

An Introduction to the Drug Development Process: Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (A unique blended distance education program)
Principles and Experimental Strategies in Physicochemical Characterization, Solubilization and Solid Form Screening for Drug Candidate Selection
Practical Strategies for Developing Preclinical and Phase 1 Oral Drug Formulations
CMC Project Team Management – Principles & Practices for Successful Technical Leadership

Applied Drug Development Electives

Principles of Solid Dosage Forms
Preformulation and Stabilization of Pharmaceuticals
Introduction to the Regulatory Process for Drug Development
Pharmacokinetics, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence
Visit the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development industry course catalog for a complete list of current course offerings

Previously offered course(s)

An Introduction to the Drug Development Process (2004)
Preclinical & Drug Product Design Strategies (2005-2010)
Above two titles are for the same course which may be substituted for CMC Project Team Management or applied towards elective credits.
Strategies and Experimental Techniques in Preformulation and Candidate Selection (2007-2008)
Retitled to “Principles and Experimental Strategies in Physiochemical Characterization, Solubilization and Solid Form Screening for Drug Candidate Selection” in 2009