Faculty & Staff


Current SRC faculty & staff (left to right): Shiyanbola, Look, Mott, Kreling, Chewning, Chui, Wilson

Current Faculty & Staff

Affiliate Members

  • Connie K. Kraus, PharmD, BCPS, RPh
  • Beth Martin, PhD MS, RPh
  • Eva M. Vivian, PharmD, BCPS, CDE

Past Faculty & Contributors

Robert W. Hammel, MBA, PhD
“Doc” Hammel (Professor-Emeritus) received his BS in pharmacy, MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He had extensive experience in pharmacy and was a teaching assistant in the School of Business for two years before joining the UW-Madison pharmacy faculty in 1958.  Dr. Hammel, an APS fellow, received the APS Research Achievement Award in Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Reed Peterson Award, Wisconsin Pharmacists Association Distinguished Service Award, a University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Citation, and a Citation from the Wisconsin Legislature in recognition of his professional achievements.  His research interests included economic, legal and professional aspects of pharmacy practice.

Bonnie L. Svarstad, PhD
Dr. Svarstad (Professor Emerita) received her MA (1966) and PhD (1974) degrees in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Before joining the UW-Madison faculty in 1975, she worked as a medical sociologist at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.  Prof. Svarstad has served on the American Pharmaceutical Association’s Task Force on Women in Pharmacy and the National Academy of Sciences – Institute of Medicine Committee to Evaluate Patient Package inserts. From 1985-89 she served on the National Advisory Council on Health Professions Education. In 2003, she was appointed a Special Government Employee to assist the Drug Safety and Risk Management Committee, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Dr. Svarstad received the American Pharmacists Association Foundation Research Achievement Award in Economic, Social and Administrative Sciences in 1988 and the Pinnacle Award in 2004. She has been cited for developing the Health Communication Model and the Brief Medication Questionnaire, tools for understanding and improving professional – patient communication and patient adherence with drug regimens. Dr. Svarstad and her co-workers completed a national, FDA-funded study examining the quality of oral and written prescription information provided in U.S. community pharmacies. She also collaborated with other social pharmacy researchers in an international study of written information provided by pharmacists in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. In fall 2004, Svarstad and her co-workers were awarded a 5-year NIH grant to examine the impact and cost-effectiveness of a pharmacy-based, team-oriented model of care designed to improve pharmacist-patient communication, patient adherence, and hypertension control in over 500 African American patients with uncontrolled hypertension. This randomized controlled trial was conducted in 28 community pharmacies (14 intervention, 14 control) in Wisconsin.  Dr. Svarstad is currently analyzing results of the study.