SRC Dissertator Awards

In addition to its primary research goal, the SRC also has an educational mission.  The SRC engages graduate students as research assistants and facilitates submission of students’ research proposals.  The SRC also supports young investigators through its dissertator grant award program, the recipients of which are listed below.

Dissertator Award Recipients

Since 1999, the SRC has provided 15 graduate students from the Social Administrative Sciences Division with dissertator awards of up to $3,500.  These funds have enabled students to expand the scope of their dissertation work, resulting in greater impact.  Several of the dissertator award recipients went on to receive national recognition for their work, receiving awards for exceptional presentations made at the annual meeting of the American Pharmacists Association (indicated with * below).

Year Dissertator Title of Project
2018 Joanne Peters

How Pharmacists Counsel Secret Shoppers on Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs: Loperamide and Ibuprofen

2015 Ephrem Aboneh

Medication Management Constraints and Care Coordination in CMC (Children with Medical Complexity)

2015 Sonal Ghura Evaluating the Perceived Value of the “AHRQ Pill Card” in Community Pharmacies – Patient, Pharmacist and Student Pharmacist Perspectives
2015 Karishma Desai The VA MOPP Study: VA Mail-Order Prescriptions and HIV Patients’ Perspectives
2014 Grace Welham Prescriber perceptions when managing pain
2013 Korey Kennelty Medication Discrepancies When Patients are Discharged in the Community
2013 Mohamed Amin Pharmacists’ Role in Ramadan
2011 Addi Farber Systematic Assessment of True, Misleading and False Claims in Advertisements for Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs on Television
2010 Audrey Hung Examining Pharmacist-Technician Teams Providing an Innovative Hypertension Care Program in Community Settings
2010 Bobby Sanchez Factors influencing decisions to use medications perceived to attenuate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease: a study using the Health Belief Model
2008 * Pallavi Patwardhan Implementation and Evaluation of the AAR Model Program of Tobacco Cessation in Community Pharmacies Serving Low Income Clients
2006 * Lisa Guirguis A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Impact of Structured Patient Interactions on Student Pharmacists’ Beliefs About Counseling: Impact of the Diabetes Check Intervention
2004 Jessie Dzvimbo The Effect of Insurance Coverage on Zimbabwean Physicians’ Treatment Decisions for HIV and AIDS Patients
2003 Salisa Chamnanmoh Adoption of Immunization Delivery Services in Pharmacies
2003 Nisa Sangasubana Consumers’ Risk Perceptions of Over-the-Counter Drug Products: Concept and Measure Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
2002 Mary Gurney A Study of Community Pharmacy Practice Sites: Patient Care and Management Activities
2002 Timothy Lobner Investigating Drug Coverage Among an Elderly Population
2001 * Nate Rickles A Randomized, Controlled Study Evaluating the Impact of an Antidepressant Monitoring Program on Consumer Outcomes
2001 Burin T. Sriwong Consumers’ Perceptions of General Pharmacy Patronage and Pharmacist Consultation Service Activities Offered by Demonstration Pharmacies in Thailand
2001 * Rick Cline The Demand for a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit: Exploring Consumer Preferences in a Hypothetical Managed Competition Environment
2001 Piyarat Nimpitakpong Effect of Pharmacist Intervention on Medication Adherence and Rehospitalization in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure in Thailand
2001 * Carol Hermansen Kobulnicky Patients Monitoring Chemotherapy Side Effects
1999 * Julie Ganther Urmie Prescription Drug Utilization: Moral Hazard, Adverse Selection, and the Role of Consumer Medical Preferences