Selection Criteria

Admission Requirements

All qualified students interested in graduate education in Health Services Research in Pharmacy are invited to apply. All applicants must satisfy minimum admission requirements established by the UW-Madison Graduate School. A professional degree in pharmacy and basic course work in the health services research are desirable but not required. Written descriptions of relevant professional experiences and interests are useful to the division’s admission committee when reviewing applicants.

The Health Services Research in Pharmacy graduate admissions committee considers all of the required application materials in making admissions decisions. Important factors for admission include undergraduate course work, graduate or professional degrees, GPA, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, background and experience, and demonstrated commitment to pursue a research career in health services research.

Note that the application should indicate the highest degree one intends to pursue. A master’s degree is needed to pursue the PhD, so if one is applying and would be entering UW-Madison without holding a master’s degree, one would pursue a master’s in HSRP at Wisconsin along the way to the PhD, but the PhD intent would be denoted on the online application. A master’s degree in a related field or from a different pharmacy graduate program will be evaluated for equivalency and potential deficiencies.


The minimum grade point average required for admission is 3.00 using a 4.00 scale.

GRE Scores

The HSRP Graduate Program requires submission of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); only the GRE® General Test is required. We do not have minimum GRE® scores, but GRE® Revised General Test scores of 163 (Verbal Reasoning), 151 (Quantitative Reasoning), and 3.5 (analytical writing) are recommended.

TOEFL Scores

International students must submit TOEFL scores. Minimum required scores are 580 for the paper test, 237 for the computer test, and 92 for the Internet test (IBT).