Class Council

Each PharmD class (DPH1’s, 2’s, and 3’s) is represented by a council of 8-10 students from each class, including the two class officers. The groups meet with their academic advisors bi-weekly for an hour to update them on positive developments and arising concerns within their class.  Council members make announcements and send emails to their class regarding the most important information.

The Class Council program aims to:

  • Develop a proactive approach to facilitating communication between the council members and their respective class and between students, faculty, and staff
  • Enable students to creatively and collaboratively solve problems
  • Provide a space for positive feedback as well as constructive suggestions
  • Strengthen communication and improve climate within the school

What students are saying about the class council program:

  • “I think having more opportunities for everyone to interact outside of the classroom/meeting setting could go a long way toward creating a truly collaborative environment.” 
  • “I participated in the class council last year and found it to be a great place for the students to have a voice that was heard and acted upon.  Some great changes were made from suggestions between the three class councils. 
  • “Being on the class council stimulated creative thinking in a way that inspired me to grow and step outside of my comfort zone.” 
  • “The council has made great strides toward improving student/faculty relationships.” 
  • “The council provides a great forum to represent the collective interests of the class and discuss both what is going well and what could be improved within the program and school. 
  • “Being on the council has helped me to take a more active part in the SOP as well as be a resource for my classmates to voice their concerns to and to have them know that they will be heard.