Careers in Pharmacology – Toxicology

What can I do with a degree in Pharmacology – Toxicology?

Potential Work Environments

  • Academic-based Research Laboratories (basic science)
  • Animal Health
  • Biomedical / Biotechnology Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Clinical Research
  • Consumer Products Industry–regulatory and toxicology roles
  • Consulting / Risk Assessment
  • Contract Research Labs / Organizations / Contract Manufacturing
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Education—secondary or higher
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Monitoring / Industrial Hygiene / Toxicology
  • Forensic Science
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Health Professions (various)
  • Law (health / intellectual / patent)
  • Manufacturing (Pharmaceutical / Biopharma)
  • Medical Imaging
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nutrition Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry / Science
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Research / Development
  • Scientific Media and Communications
  • Specialized Areas of Toxicology
  • Technical Sales / Marketing

Possible Careers

Many careers require graduate-level education or further training. Options include:
  • Cancer Researcher
  • Cell/Molecular Biologist
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Dentist
  • Drug/Toxicant Information Specialist
  • Forensic Scientist / Toxicologist
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Laboratory Animal Care Provider
  • Lab Technician
  • Medical Doctor
  • Patent Lawyer / Officer
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing / Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Product Development/Testing
  • Professor / Teacher
  • Quality Control / Assurance
  • Regulatory Toxicologist
  • Researcher / Scientist
  • Risk Assessment (modeling)
  • Science Writer / Editor
  • Technical Marketing / Sales / Writing
  • Toxicologist
  • Veterinarian

Firms and Career Websites of Interest to Pharmacology-Toxicology Majors

Students enrolled in the BS “Pharm-Tox” major, students considering the program, and program alumni are encouraged to contact the program’s academic and career advisors for information on Wisconsin-based and national companies of particular interest to students with such educational backgrounds.

Interested in Becoming a Pharmacist? Learn More about the Pharmacology & Toxicology Preferred Admission into the PharmD Program

The Pharmacology-Toxicology program offers an excellent foundation for those interested in becoming a pharmacist.   PharmTox graduates gain preferred acceptance into the PharmD program under the following provisions:

  • Submit both the PharmCAS Application and the UW-Madison Application Processing Fee.
  • One letter of recommendation is required.  This letter must be from a UW Madison faculty member.
  • The PCAT will be waived for eligible PharmTox applicants.
  • Remain in good standing until graduation from the PharmTox program, including maintaining a 3.00 GPA overall and within the PharmTox program.
  • Successfully complete an admission interview. Applicants in good standing in the PharmTox program will be guaranteed an admission interview.
  • PharmTox graduates must apply for the fall admission term directly after graduation or one year after graduation (gap year) to be eligible for this program. For example, if you graduate in May 2020, preferred admission would be valid for the PharmD fall admission term up until Fall 2021.
  • All PharmD prerequisites must be completed prior to the admission term. 

Alumni Connections

Many BS Pharmacology-Toxicology alumni are willing to connect with current students and potential program applicants regarding career and academic pathways that are available to graduates of the program. Contact PharmTox academic and career advisors to explore such Badger alumni connections.