On-Campus Clients

The Medicinal Chemistry Center operates under a hybrid collaborative/fee-for-service model. Client fees pay for supplies, reagents, and other fees associated with the maintenance of the Center.


For projects involving development of novel small molecules, the Medicinal Chemistry Center will work with clients in a collaborative model to meet their project aims. Projects of this nature include:

  • Development of small molecule probes (attachment of fluorophore, biotin, clickable tether, etc.)
  • Hit-to-lead optimization campaigns from validated screening hits
  • Rational drug design program
  • SAR analysis

Details on the collaboration including potential cost-sharing plans can be discussed at or after the initial meeting.


For projects generally short in scope with well defined chemistries, the Medicinal Chemistry Center will work with clients in a straight fee-for-service model to meet their project aims, including:

  • Synthesis of known bioactive small molecules from the literature (not commercially available)
  • Scale-up synthesis of bioactive small molecules to support animal studies (up to multi-gram scale)
  • Purifcation of crude mixtures of compounds
  • Sample analysis (ie. NMR, MS, IR, m.p., optical rotation, HPLC purity)

Project involvement may include:

  • Limited Pro-bono consulting
  • Fee-based laboratory services
  • Consultant/Contractor for grant-based activities
  • “Core Laboratory” for grant-based programs

Workflow may include:

  • Client inquiry (Contact us)
  • Review of screen and other relevant project data
  • Preparation of a formal or informal project proposal
  • Agreement of project scope
  • Project commencement
  • Project completion

Grant supported projects should provide the following information:

  • PI Name and Title
  • Affiliation
  • ERA Commons Name
  • Project Title
  • Project Funding Source
  • Intended Project Outcome