Merida, Spain

Your Spain clinical rotation experience will be based in a large metropolitan hospital that provides a wide variety of specialty services including but not limited to the following: transplant, maternal and children’s care, pediatrics, internal medicine and is one of the largest hematologic centers in Europe. In addition, the hospital is committed to education; you will work and learn alongside any number of Spanish pharmacy residents. This experience will also enrich your understanding of hospital-based research and will provide opportunities to participate in several interdisciplinary healthcare teams and counsel patients on medication therapy.


You will be immersed in Spanish culture and life by living in a large metropolitan city, with housing options identified for you. Your stay will prepare you for your pharmacy experience by quickly learning the rhythms of daily life and local dialect. In turn, this will enable you to more easily comprehend your patients’ concerns, learn valuable counseling pearls from the pharmacist preceptor, and educate your patients.


Weekend travel is accessible and easy to do with the extensive bus and trains that traverse Spain’s countryside. Most towns and cities have a town center flourishing with activity both day and night. On the weekends, markets appear in the morning where you can buy clothing, food, spices and art. During the night, you can often find outdoor entertainment showing off the rich culture of the region including artists displaying regional music and dance. ¡Olé!


You can estimate similar costs per month as living in the USA.