South Africa


ElephantThe School of Pharmacy has partnered with two universities in South Africa to provide two distinct rotation opportunities. For one experience, the rotation is split into two parts. Half of the time is spent in a local private hospital pharmacy, where you will work with an interdisciplinary team providing health education to patients. The other half of the rotation takes place in a retail pharmacy, where you will experience firsthand the important health care provider, and educational role the pharmacist provides to their community.

The other experience is located in a large tertiary hospital. Here, you will be working closely with pharmacists on the floors and in the central pharmacy. Under the guidance of your clinical instructor, you will provide medication education to patients, their families and assure medications are correctly monitored and used safely.


We have two distinct rotations in South Africa with housing options in both cities. At one site, housing has been identified near the hospital making the morning and afternoon commutes easily accessible on foot. The on-site South African preceptor for the experience will help you arrange your stay in country. In most cases, a microwave, kettle and a mini-fridge are available for you to use at your lodging site. Past UW students have enjoyed being immersed in the culture of South Africa by getting involved in the daily life of a typical student, seeing the sites and savoring the local cuisine.


South African coastTraveling around South Africa is an option that many past students say was the thrill of their life! Whatever your passion, you can find it in South Africa. Trips to the coast to soak up the sun, discovering the local cuisine, and joining a safari tour, that puts you in the heart of the local wildlife, are all within a weekend’s reach. Come and explore the rich history of South African music, food, and culture!


Housing: approximately $550 for 7 weeks
Food is extra; costs are comparable to US.

Language Pleasantries – Afrikaans:

  • Hello – Goeie dag, haai, hallo
  • Goodbye – Totsiens, mooi loop
  • Thank you – Baie dankie
  • Your welcome – not really used (dit is ‘n plesier, Welkom)
  • Sorry – Jammer
  • Excuse me – Verskoon my, eksuus
  • My name is – My naam is
  • What is your name – Wat is jou naam
  • Where is the bathroom? – Waar is die toilet?
  • I am from – Ek kom van ….
  • How are you? – Hoe gaan dit?
  • Do you speak English? – Praat jy engels?
  • I don’t understand – Ek verstaan nie
  • Get well soon – Word gou gesond


  • Enter – Ingang
  • Exit – Uitgang
  • Women’s bathroom – Dames (vroue)
  • Men’s bathroom – Here (mans)