The dynamic university health system where you will work provides care a large area of England. Sharing a vision of being a world-class center of clinical and academic achievement, you will be immersed in an evidence-based practice setting with preceptors from around the globe.

Arundel Tower, Southampton, England; Photographer: Jim Linwood

Photo by Jim Linwood, via Wikimedia Commons

The hospital system is progressive, offering 25 ambulatory clinics and a 1000-bed hospital. Services include the following specialties: oncology, neurosciences, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, respiratory, gynecological, pediatric, critical care, and emergency department services.

This unique rotation provides you the opportunity to work with clinical pharmacists who have the sole responsibility for prescriptive authority in their area of expertise. Additionally, you will collaborate with nurses, residents, medical students, and medical staff on complex patient care activities. Goals of this hospital include individualized patient-centered medication counseling, monitoring high risk medications, and participation in formulary management activities. You will also be involved with hospital staff educational projects offered through the pharmacy service.


Students will embrace the English old-world charm living in a bed and breakfast, or other accommodations, arranged by on-site preceptors. Housing will be within walking distance of the hospital.


Southampton Port; Photographer: Jim Linwood

Photo by Jim Linwood, via Wikimedia Commons

Living in a vibrant city in England, literally surrounded by history via the city walls, makes this the perfect rotation for amateur history buffs as well as pescietarians and sea-side lovers. There are numerous green spaces and parks for you to explore as well as a bustling city life. Buses and trains are easy to use, making traveling around the city and the surrounding country side of England a snap. If you enjoy sports, why not take in the action from a local cricket, rugby or football (soccer) match! And for food, try a chewy crumpet with clotted cream, or the lip-smacking local fish and chips! Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find your diversion here!


Cost of living, including housing and food, are similar to the USA.