The School of Pharmacy has two sites in China; all of which are international hubs of culture and global interest.

Pond at a Chinese palaceOne of the rotations is an exciting, unique opportunity for those students interested in Quality Improvement methodology and implementation. If you choose this rotation, you will work with a pharmacist on quality assurance projects to assure patient safety and that clinical best practices are followed. Past projects have included implementation of a prophylactic anticoagulation after surgery and involvement in the antimicrobial stewardship committee. You will also conduct medication history reviews and perform discharge counseling under the supervision of your pharmacy preceptor.

The other rotation is split between a large public hospital and a private long-term care pharmacy. During the hospital segment, you will work with a pharmacist to provide safe and effective medications to patients, learn the distributive functions pharmacists provide, and appreciate differences between the US and Chinese health care systems. While at the long-term care pharmacy, you will work with a pharmacist to provide medication packaging services to a variety of homes for older adults.


Preceptors in China will help students locate safe, affordable, apartment style housing close to the hospital, or near a metro line, making the commute to work an enjoyable adventure every morning. The apartments include a bedroom, kitchen with amenities and a bathroom. Most students choose to forego the kitchen and eat at one of the many fine dining establishments. Meals are relatively inexpensive at restaurants, between $2-6 a meal, and saves you time cleaning up! Many of the hospitals also offer steeply discounted lunch services to their students and workers.


Great Wall of ChinaExperience first-hand China’s historical richness by exploring the country that gave us printing, paper, gunpowder, porcelain, silk and the compass. While these are a few of the textiles and products China has contributed to the world, we would be remiss not to mention the contribution the country has made for the foundation for western medicine, and complementary medicine healing techniques, like acupuncture, that are now used around the world. China’s majesty is realized as you gaze upon one of the world’s Seven Wonders: the Great Wall of China, or explore Huang Long, added to the “Natural Legacy Lists of the World” in 1992. Whatever your diversion, you will find it here!


Average housing cost is $1500 for 2 months.
Average meal cost is $2.00 – $6.00 a meal (in resturants).