The rotation in Belize takes place in a rural community clinic. Here, you will be working alongside other healthcare students and volunteer healthcare professionals to provide interdisciplinary primary care to the community. As a pharmacy student, you will be involved in dispensing and education of safe, effective use of medications to the patients. Depending on the needs of the clinic, developing a health related presentation for the community may also be a part of your experience. You will also have the unique opportunity to provide primary care to the surrounding communities through a mobile clinic that serves approximately 70 patients a week.Hillside in Belize

The experiences obtained serving a multicultural patient population on this interdisciplinary rotation will enhance your ability to effectively communicate with members of the healthcare team, and patients, who embody a diversity of health beliefs.

Educational experiences include: observe clinical practice in a low-resourced setting, comparing and contrasting health care systems, and rational medication use.


While in Belize, you will be living in dormitory style housing that is located close to the clinic. Having international roommate fosters opportunities to meet new friends and potential travel partners. Meals can be as a group or individual, depending on the time of day and clinic responsibilities.


Weekend travel is an option and is highly encouraged to fully appreciate the culture and diversity of people of the communities you will serve. Past students and volunteer professionals, who have worked at the clinic, created a caché of well researched and documented travel plans for you to peruse for your weekend trips. Clinic staff members are also very helpful in arranging transportation and recommending accommodations at your destination. Beaches, city life, food and culture await just a bus ride away!


Housing costs are included in the program fee.

There is a one-time USD $500 program fee.

There is a one-time USD $30 (estimated) fee to buy the collective groceries for the dormitory stay. Meals eaten outside the program are extra, as are costs for weekend travel and souvenirs.

Meals: ~USD $3-10 per meal ($6-30 a day)