DPH-1, 2 & 3 Courses

DPH-1, DPH-2 and Pharmacology-Toxicology Students

Summer Field Courses

The Global Health Institute offers several field courses during the summer, which are administered by International Academic Programs (IAP). These courses are well-suited for students completing their first or second year of the curriculum. All of the summer field courses require pre-trip course work. Information on course work can be found in the population health sciences section below.

  1. Thailand – Bangkok
  2. Uganda – Kampala
  3. Ecuador – Otavalo

Please see the International Academic Programs website for more details.

DPH-1, DPH-2, DPH-3 and Pharmacology-Toxicology Students

Seminar in Global Health Pharmacy (728-673)

This 1-credit course is offered every spring semester and is open to any School of Pharmacy student interested in in-depth study of selected topics in global health pharmacy. For further information, contact Trisha Seys Ranola at trisha.seysranola@wisc.edu.

Population Health Sciences (PHS) courses:
  • The Global Health Institute offers several on-campus courses through the Department of Population Health in the School of Medicine and Public Health. These courses are designed to prepare the graduate level health science student for careers in public and global health.  Information on the required preparation for the summer field courses is shown below.
  • Foundations in Global Health Practice (PHS 640):
    This 1-credit course helps students to prepare for a global health field experience. In this course, students learn to use quantitative and qualitative data to gain an understanding of health related to their selected country and health topic focus, and plan a field experience.
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease (PHS 644)
    These courses will address maternal and child health, environmental health, infectious disease, chronic illness and the human-animal link in health and disease. Each country specific section will discuss these concerns in the context of cultural competence and cultural humility. Please see the PHS website for further country specific course descriptions.