Career Paths in Global Health

The fluidity of international borders assures that careers in global health are flourishing. Students with global health education are adept at meeting the culturally specific health beliefs and needs of our diverse populations at home and abroad. These students are sought after in large institutional hospitals, where international populations are the norm; community-based health clinics that serve medically-underserved populations; government organizations that shape policy, such as the CDC, FIP and WHO; as well as non-government organizations (NGOs) providing direct patient care.

Pharmacy students enrolled at UW School of Pharmacy have multiple options for increasing their understanding of global (domestic and international) public health at every level of their professional career. Here, skills are developed to become a culturally competent professional, learn about different health beliefs and health literacy, broaden the vision of pharmacy practice, and make sustainable connections. These experiences are tools essential for continued personal and professional growth and advancement of the profession.

Likewise, faculty from around the world choose to come to UW School of Pharmacy to compare best pharmacy practices, enhance administrative leadership skills, and collaborate in advancing pedagogical research and techniques. Similarly, social science and basic science research collaborations are developed and strengthened through domestic and international collaborations.

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