headshot of Nikesh Gupta

Nikesh Gupta, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Post-doc: Special Center for Nanosciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (2015) College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, St. John's University, New York, USA (2021) Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics, University of Iowa, Iowa, USA (2022)
Ph.D. (Nanomedicines) - University of Delhi, India
M.Phil. (Materials Science) - University of Delhi, India
M.Sc. - (Chemistry) Hindu College, University of Delhi, India
B.Sc. (H) - (Chemistry) Hindu College, University of Delhi, India

Nikesh earned his Ph.D. degree from University of Delhi, India in the area of Nanomedicines. His research interests are mainly focused on biomaterials and drug delivery systems (DDSs). He has worked on long-acting formulations, polymers, lipids and ceramic/metallic nano-formulations for various pharmaceutical applications.

Before joining the Pharmaceutical Sciences at the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy, Nikesh worked with Prof. Aliasger K. Salem at the University of Iowa on various research projects including mRNA-lipids based vaccines for cancer immunotherapy, long-acting polymeric formulations using HME for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, lipids-based drug delivery systems using microfluidics for cancer therapy and oral formulations for the treatment of leukoplakia.

He joined Prof. Kwon’s research group in September 2022 and has been working on the fabrication of PEGylated-FUD/mFUD for the treatment of bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis and mRNA-lipids based vaccines for cancer immunotherapy.

Languages spoken: English and Hindi