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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Health Professional Financial Planning Workshop – by Phi Lambda Sigma




Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) was the 2022 National PLS Leadership Challenge and won a grant to host the first annual Health Professional Financial Planning Workshop. The workshop is a 4-hour-long experience for health professional students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This experience invites members from the schools of Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Physical Therapy, and other health professional programs.

The event will begin with a Keynote Speaker and then will be followed by various breakout sessions led by guest speakers with expertise in financial planning, investing, student loans, and human resources. The workshop will conclude with a financial planning simulation “Game of Life” followed by a debriefing session. This event is free to all attending and student registration will open on March 8.

Register now for the Health Professional Financial Planning Workshop

Contact PLS President Hope Schier for more information.

Friday, April 14, 2023
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

2006 Rennebohm Hall

Madison, WI 53705

This event is brought to you by: Phi Lambda Sigma (National Pharmacy Leadership Society)