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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Drug DELIVERY Specific Seminar – Bruno Hancock, PhD




Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Series

Excipients, Taxonomy & Their Vital Role in Our Medicines

(Drug DELIVERY Specific Seminar)

  • Bruno Hancock, PhD
  • Pfizer Inc.

The performance of pharmaceutical dosage forms relies heavily on the characteristics of the excipients that are incorporated into the drug product during the manufacturing process.  Therefore, it is imperative that formulators are able to accurately and completely specify the key chemical and physical properties of those excipients.  Current approaches to describing excipients are outdated and inadequate for the needs of the 21st century, and there are many potential benefits to be gained from a more systematic and comprehensive approach to specifying and controlling excipient properties.  Users, suppliers, and manufacturers of excipients need to take a careful look at current approaches and develop tangible plans for attaining an enhanced future state.

Hosted by Mel de Villiers

Friday, May 5, 2023
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

2339 Rennebohm Hall

Madison, WI 53705

This event is brought to you by: Pharmaceutical Sciences Division