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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Youth Opportunities

CRoME Pharmacy Summer Research Scholars ( CRoME PSRS)

The CRoME Pharmacy Summer Research Scholars program (CRoME PSRS) is a virtual, 6-week summer program for high school students. Throughout the program students will be exposed to research in the field of pharmacy, learning about how research is designed, how data is collected and analyzed and how to share their findings. During the program students will work in collaboration with other youth and mentors to design and complete their own independent research projects!

CRoME PSRS Alumni Opportunities

PSRS alumni have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs after completion of the summer program.

  • Research Internships & Opportunities
    • CRoME High School Student Internship
      • Collaborate on an ongoing projects to provide a youth perspective.
      • Co-create publications.
      • Share findings from research studies through community outreach.
    • CRoME Lab Diversity in Pharmacy Program
      • High school students from minoritized backgrounds will have the opportunity to explore the numerous career paths available in pharmacy and health science.
    • CRoME Undergraduate Scholars
      • In-person internship where students will collaborate with the study team on an ongoing project.