Office of the Dean Staff

Zoe Andrews Zoe Andrews, Assistant to the Dean’s Office
Lisa Imhoff Lisa Imhoff, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Grace Kim Grace Kim,
Kim Rantanen-Day Kim Rantanen-Day, Chief of Staff

  • Serves as a liaison on behalf of the Dean to campus, divisions, departments, and committees.  Acts on behalf of the Dean to ensure that decisions and key initiatives are effectively implemented.
  • Handles all confidential information flowing into and out of the Dean’s office, manages sensitive issues and communications.
  • Supports Faculty Affairs
  • Develops policies and procedures for the School and facilitates strategic planning
  • Provides guidance on issues related to University and School policy, process, and practice
  • Leads special projects
  • Manages reporting requirements and requests, supervises Dean’s office staff
  • Directs and facilitates communications
Anna Reinhart Anna Reinhart, Event Coordinator

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