Office of the Dean Staff

Zoe Andrews Zoe Andrews, Assistant to the Dean’s Office
Lisa Imhoff Lisa Imhoff, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Kim Rantanen-Day Kim Rantanen-Day, Chief of Staff

  • Serves as a liaison on behalf of the Dean to campus, divisions, departments, and committees.  Acts on behalf of the Dean to ensure that decisions and key initiatives are effectively implemented.
  • Handles all confidential information flowing into and out of the Dean’s office, manages sensitive issues and communications.
  • Supports Faculty Affairs
  • Develops policies and procedures for the School and facilitates strategic planning
  • Provides guidance on issues related to University and School policy, process, and practice
  • Leads special projects
  • Manages reporting requirements and requests, supervises Dean’s office staff
  • Directs and facilitates communications
Anna Reinhart Anna Reinhart, Event Coordinator

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