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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Media Gallery: 2021 & 2020 Citations of Merit

Pharm Alumni talking together at event
Citation awardees Bruno Hancock and Jayne Hastedt speaking with colleagues and friends at the 2021 Citation of Merit Dinner and Awards.
Photos by Todd Brown / Media Solutions
Video by Pathum Karunaratne / Media Solutions, with editing by Sally Griffith-Oh

After a year of social distancing and virtual events, the University of WisconsinMadison School of Pharmacy gathered once more the celebrate the recipients of the School’s highest annual honor: the Citation of Merit. 

Unlike in years passed, we held a dinner and awards ceremony for two cohorts of honorees, from 2020 and 2021, and captured it all to share with alumni peers, colleagues, family, and friends. Below, find a photo gallery of School of Pharmacy alumni and friends reconnecting and networking, as well as the acceptance speeches from each of our accomplished winners. 

Photo Gallery
2021 Honoree Speeches
For 2021, we honor Dan Luce, president and co-founder of CLM Pharmacy Advisors; Bill Doucette, professor and head of the Health Services Research Division at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy; Mehran Yazdanian, vice president of specialty R&D operations and site head of R&D West Chester, Teva Pharmaceuticals; and Jayne Hastedt, managing director of JDP Pharma Consulting with Citations of Merit. “We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our 2021 awardees, who are a stellar group with proven and continued national influence,” says School of Pharmacy Dean Steve Swanson. From increasing the impact of community pharmacies, to innovating in drug delivery, to serving patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, these four have left their mark on patient care and research nationwide.
Dan Luce (BS '81), retail pharmacy industry innovator
Bill Doucette (BS ’83, MS ’88, PhD ’93), empowering community pharmacists
Mehran Yazdanian (MS ’88, PhD ’90), drug development leader
Jayne Hastedt (MS '88, PhD '90), pioneer and pillar in drug delivery
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2020 Honoree Speeches
The School of Pharmacy’s four 2020 honorees are Bruno C. Hancock, global head of Materials Science, Pfizer Inc.; Susan L. Sutter, former co-owner of Marshland Pharmacies, Inc.; Greg Higby, Fischelis Scholar/senior curator, American Institute of the History of Pharmacy; and Nivedita (Nita) Pandit, emerita professor, Drake University College of Pharmacy. “The four esteemed individuals we’re honoring for 2020 not only have long histories of contributing to the success of the School, but also to national and international efforts to push pharmacy and health care forward,” says Dean Steve Swanson. These honorees have made strides in community pharmacy practice, the history of pharmacy, drug formulation, and education.
Bruno Hancock, industry leader in drug formulation and technology
Susan Sutter (BS ’78), a Wisconsin pharmacy leader and innovator
Gregory Higby (MS ‘80, PhD ’84), international expertise in the history of pharmacy
Nita Pandit (MS ’78, PhD ’80), combining industry and education for innovation
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