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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduate Student Reception & Recognition Ceremony

Faculty, staff, and fellow students were on hand to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduate students. Chuck Lauhon, associate professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division, and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, was master of ceremonies. We extend our congratulations to the following recipients:

Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships from Living Donors

  • Kenneth A. Connors (PharmSci) – Montira Tangsangasakri, Spring 2016
  • David S. Perlman (PharmSci) – Brynna Wilken-Resman, Fall 2015
  • Thora Vervoran (PharmSci) – Geetika Nehra, Spring 2016
  • Joseph B. Wiederholt (SAS) – Ephrem Aboneh, 2015-16

Other Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships

  • Mern Keir (PharmSci) – Yu Feng, Fall 2015
  • Patricia Z. Resch (PharmSci) – Gang Yan, Fall 2015
  • John & Jane Roudebush (PharmSci) – Muhammad Khalifa, Spring 2016
  • Clarence W. Sondern (SAS) – Sonal Ghura Mansukhani, 2015-16

Competitive Fellowships Earned

  • AFPE – Ian Miller, 2015-16; Gabrielle Winston-McPherson, 2015-16
  • Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (Chancellor Award) – Mark Cadena, 2015-16
  • NSF Wisconsin Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Bridge to the Doctorate Grant – Kelly Montgomery, 2015-16
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowships – Celeste Alvarez, Michelle Pizzo
  • PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutics – Dan Wolak

School of Pharmacy Dissertation of the Year Award

  • Dustin Frost, Ph.D.

Dr. Razia Zaman-Dr. Shahanara Zaman Saroya Graduate Award for Excellence in Research & Scholarship

  • Monica Yue, Ph.D. candidate, Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program
zaman-saroya-award-2015-monicayue-resized- news
Monica Yue (left) receives the Zaman Saroya Graduate Award for Excellence in Research & Scholarship from Richard Peterson, professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division