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University of Wisconsin-Madison

School’s Dean and faculty attend U.S.-Thai meeting

Dean Jeanette Roberts, Thomas Thielke, clinical professor in the Pharmacy Practice Division, Itsarawan Sakunrag, PharmD, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Naresuan University, and Suppachai Insuk, PharmD, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Naresuan University, were among more than 120 faculty, staff, and students from schools of pharmacy across the United States and Thailand to attend the U.S.-Thai Consortium meeting in late May.

Hosted by the University of Maryland the theme of the 20th anniversary conferences was “Educational Innovations, International Program Certification, Research, and Faculty Development.” A post-conference summary was provided by the University of Maryland.

Drs. Sakunrag and Insuk, visiting honorary fellows completing the International Pharmacy Education Training Program and International Hospital Pharmacy Administration Leadership Program at UW-Madison, respectively, presented posters at the meeting describing their training programs. Dean Roberts facilitated one of the meeting break-out sessions.

The Consortium was established in May 1994 when nine schools of pharmacy from the United States and the American Association Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) signed a Memorandum of Agreement with eight schools of pharmacy in Thailand and the Committee for Pharmacy Manpower Development of the Thailand Ministry of University Affairs. It now includes 19 schools of pharmacy from Thailand and 16 schools of pharmacy from the United States, and strives to foster a formal link among those institutions in an effort to enhance their academic, research, and clinical programs. The UW-Madison School of Pharmacy hosted the Consortium in July 2008.