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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pharm Sci Division receives national ranking

The UW-Madison School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Division ranked among the best Pharmaceutical Sciences programs in the US according to Academic Analytics (AA, LLC). The division was identified by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (FSP Index) as one of the top performing individual programs for 2006-2007 and is noted within the Biological and Biomedical Sciences field.

The AA, LLC compiles and makes available The FSP Index and the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Database (FSP Database), a quantitative method for ranking doctoral programs at Research Universities. The FSP Index measures the scholarly productivity of faculty using their book and journal publications, journal article citations, federally-funded research grants, and honorific awards. The FSP Index and Database establishes, by academic field of study, a ranking based on the cumulative scoring of a program’s faculty members. The FSP Index and Database are the only completely quantitative measure of academic quality available to universities and other academic institutions.