The STATION and the School of Pharmacy wish to thank and acknowledge those who have made generous private gifts to assist in the establishment and continued support of the Pharmaceutical Experiment Station. To make a contribution, please click on any of the following links:

The STATION, the School of Pharmacy, and Mr. Zeeh’s family wish to thank and acknowledge those who have made generous Memorial Gifts in honor of Mr. Zeeh.

Gift Contributions to Establish and Support the Station:

  • Abbott Laboratories Fund, Matching Gift Program
  • Dr. Paul M. Bummer
  • Dr. Edmund J Elder Jr. & Susan F Elder
  • Mr.. Milton Henrichs
  • Ms. Grace M Meierding
  • Dr. Andrea Paulson
  • Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc.
  • Dr. Nair Rodriguez-Hornedo
  • Dr. Raymond D Skwierczynski
  • Ms. Leona Sonderegger
  • Dr. Lynn Van Campen
  • Wyeth, Matching Gift Program
  • Mr. Lenor Zeeh

Memorial Gifts in Honor of Lenor Zeeh:

  • Mr. Cameron G Brown & Sybil A Brown
  • Dr. Mark W Dreyer
  • Dr. Edmund J Elder Jr. & Susan F Elder
  • Dr. Carl E Gulbrandsen & Mary W Gulbrandsen
  • Ms. Linda Halsey
  • C. Vernon Howard
  • Dr. Michael J Kosovee & Linda V Kosovee
  • Mr. Patrick C Larkin & Ms. Mary C Henkel
  • Prof. August P Lemberger & Charlyne A Lemberger
  • Ms. Sarah Lea Oosterhous
  • Mrs. Jean S Rennebohm
  • Dean Jeanette C Roberts & Mr. David J Francetic
  • Mr. Donald A Schutt & Carol A Schutt
  • US Bank National Association
  • Mr. Peter W Zeeh & Delores M Zeeh

Lenor Zeeh

Lenor Zeeh

The STATION is named in honor of Lenor Blahna Zeeh (December 2, 1914 – February 24, 2008), a 1936 graduate of the School of Pharmacy, for his significant and prolonged dedication to the profession of pharmacy.  Mr. Zeeh previously served as Vice President of Rennebohm Drug Stores in Madison, where he began his career as a pharmacy intern under Oscar Rennebohm.  “Z” served for many years as a member of the Board of Visitors for the School of Pharmacy and was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation.