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Laboratory services provided by the Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station cover a range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development and drug delivery activities with flexibility to respond to each client’s unique drug and biologic development and delivery challenges (contact us to discuss your specific needs):

  • Customized short-term or long-term research and development for traditional and non-traditional pharmaceutical-related opportunities
  • Drug substance and excipient physical/chemical characterization (pre-formulation)
  • Physical/chemical characterization (pre-formulation) and formulation of biologics
  • Polymorph screening
  • Drug property prediction
  • Non-GLP pre-clinical formulation development, analysis, and stability assessment
  • Basic formulation development (pre-cGMP), analysis and stability assessment
  • Lipid-based formulation development and analysis
  • Preparation and analysis of nanoparticle materials
  • Analytical methods development
  • Drug substance stability analysis
  • “Core Laboratory” involvement in grant work

Additional services are available via collaboration with other UW centers of expertise including Pharmaceutical Sciences Division faculty expertise in drug discovery, drug action and drug delivery and the School of Pharmacy Analytical Instrumentation Center.

Example Projects

Physiohemical Characterization (pre-formulation)

  • Solid state characterization, stress-degredation studies, and polymorph screening of drug discovery compounds
  • Solid state characterization of drug substance in a marketed product

Formulation Development and Analysis

  • Characterization & formulation of new chemical entities for animal PK studies
  • Tablet formulation for proprietary medical device application
  • Development of oral and parenteral dosage forms for primate administration
  • Solubility screening & development of prototype hydrophobic & suspension formulations for a poorly water soluble drug
  • Formulation and stability assessment of an OTC neutraceutical for nasal administration
  • Reformulation and stability assessment of a marketed opthalmic product
  • Transfer of formulation procedures to clinical site for extemporaneous preparation
  • Transfer of formulation and analytical methods to cGMP manufacturing facility
  • Potency analysis of topical formulation undergoing clinical evaluation

Biotech Development Activities

  • Protein aggregation study to support parenteral delivery of a monoclonal antibody
  • Pulmonary formulation of peptide for animal efficacy studies