Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station

A woman pipettes a chemical solution at a lab bench in the Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station.

  • The Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station, within the School of Pharmacy, is a not-for-profit center of expertise serving faculty researchers across the UW-Madison campus as well as private sector pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product development and drug delivery.
  • The STATION maintains flexibility to provide problem solving and consulting services beyond the scope of traditional service providers.
  • The STATION provides an extensive network of collaboration with other UW centers of expertise for developing solutions to unique, complex and even non-traditional research and development challenges.
  • zstation_logo_webThe STATION serves as an educational resource and provides laboratory services related to compound physical/chemical characterization and basic formulation development to support non-clinical development of promising drug and biologic candidates and other unmet pharmaceutical-related needs.