Group Members

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Weiping Tang
Janis Apinis Professor, School of Pharmacy and Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Current Members:

Lab Manager

  • Yaxian (Sherry) Zhou (MS, Biomedical Engineering, UW-Madison)

Staff Scientists, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

  • Dr. Haibo Xie (PhD, SIOC / Postdoc, Simon Fraser and UW-Madison)
  • Dr. Peng Teng (TP) (PhD, Nanjing University / Postdoc, University of South Florida)
  • Dr. Changgui Zhao (PhD, Lanzhou / Postdoc, Tsinghua)
  • Dr. Jicheng Wu (PhD, Tsinghua)
  • Dr. Hao Wu (PhD, Tianjin University)
  • Dr. Bo Wang (PhD, University of Paris VI / Postdoc, University of Copenhagen)
  • Dr. Peng Wen (PhD, Wayne State University)
  • Dr. Jin Liu (PhD in physiology, University of Paris VI / Postdoc, Paris Descartes University)
  • Dr. Brett L. Roberts (PhD in Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma)
  • Dr. Ka Yang (PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, UW-Madison)
  • Dr. Jianhua Liao (PhD, South China University of Technology)
  • Dr. Le Guo (PhD, Tsinghua University)

Graduate Students, Visiting Students and Research Interns

  • Stephanie A. Blaszczyk (BS, Rockford University, PhD Candidate, UW-Organic Chemistry, NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Predoctoral Trainee, NSF predoctoral Fellow)
  • Dan (Dani) Yin (BS, Illinois Institute of Technology, PhD Candidate, UW-Organic Chemistry)
  • Zhongrui (Michael) Zhang (BS, Brandeis University; PhD Candidate, UW-Chemical Biology)
  • Xiaolei Li (BS, Peking University; PhD Candidate, UW-Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Xueqing (Sherry) Nie (BS, Nanjing University; PhD Candidate. UW-Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Kerry A. Smith (BS, Louisiana State University, PhD Candidate, UW-Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology training program)
  • Bethany J. McCarty (BS, Indiana State University, PhD Candidate, UW-Organic Chemistry, NSF predoctoral Fellow)
  • Elizabeth T. Vittori (BS, University of Texas at Arlington; MS Candidate, UW-Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Yu Zhao (BS, Hunan University; PhD candidate, China Agricultural University)
  • Binkai Liu (BS, UW-Madison)

PharmD Students and Undergraduate Students

  • Mengqi Zhang
  • Ziyuan Li
  • Eric D. Leisten
  • James Pfister
  • Taobo Wang
  • Alexander Klein