Clinical & Translational Research

Clinical & Translational Research
John Dopp
John Dopp, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical practice: Treatment of sleep disorders and management of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  Identification and management of sleep problems in college athletes.

Research Interests: Mechanisms for cardiovascular disease in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and identification of interventions and therapies to minimize and prevent cardiovascular complications.

Barry Gidal
Barry Gidal, Professor (CHS) and Chair

Clinical Practice: Provision of pharmaceutical care to patients with epilepsy.

Research Interests: Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and the metabolic effects of anticonvulsant medications.

Mary Hayney
Mary Hayney, Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Lung transplantation.

Research Interests: Host response to vaccination and protective effects, especially as they relate to immunosuppressed individuals.

Warren Rose
Warren Rose, Associate Professor (CHS)

Research Interests:

  • Antimicrobial resistance and pharmacodynamics
  • Antimicrobial effects on host-pathogen interactions
Christine Sorkness
Christine Sorkness, Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Evaluating the efficacy and safety of therapeutic agents for asthma and allergic diseases.

Ronald Sorkness
Ronald Sorkness, Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Mechanisms of obstructive airway disease and virus-induced airway dysfunction.

Orly Vardeny
Orly Vardeny, Associate Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Metabolic effects of cardiovascular medications; Pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular medications; Insulin resistance and heart failure; Immune function and influenza vaccine response in patients with cardiovascular disease.

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