Assessment: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policies

Assessment: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy
Erik Burns
Erik Burns, Clinical Assistant Professor
Eric Buxton
Eric Buxton, Clinical Associate Professor and Chair

Professional Interests: Development, implementation and evaluation of continuing education offerings for individuals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Betty Chewning
Betty Chewning, Professor

Research Interests: Stakeholder engagement; patient provider partnerships; communication and health outcomes; medication self-management; interprofessional collaboration in an aging Wisconsin.

Michelle Chui
Michelle Chui, Associate Professor and Vice Chair | Chui Research Group website

Research Interests: Harnessing human factors engineering applications and a systems approach to improve medication safety in the outpatient setting

James Ford II
James Ford II, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: include dissemination, implementation and sustainment of organizational change; implementing quality improvement interventions to improve processes of care in multiple healthcare environments including behavioral health, nursing homes and assisted living communities and examining the pharmacist role in addressing the opioid crisis.

David Kreling
David Kreling, Emeritus

Research Interests: Pharmacy economics, policy, and marketing with emphasis on community pharmacy.

Kevin Look
Kevin Look, Assistant Professor

Research interests include the evaluation of changes to health care policies, how changes to insurance coverage and benefit design impact medication use and costs, and rural-urban disparities in access to insurance and health care.

Beth Martin
Beth Martin, Professor (CHS) and Chair

Clinical Interests: Community pharmacy practice.

Research Interests: Evaluate the effectiveness of educational methodologies to enhance pharmacist, student or patient learning and confidence, and the degree to which performance-based abilities are transferred from the learning environment to the real world setting. 

David Mott
David Mott, Professor and Chair

Research Interests: The pharmacy labor market and economic factors associated with drug utilization.

Olayinka Shiyanbola
Olayinka Shiyanbola, Associate Professor | Shiyanbola Research Group Website

Research Interests: Health literacy, medication adherence, medication use among underserved populations;  community and stakeholder engagement; pharmacy quality; enhancing health information to improve patient understanding and medication safety.

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