Tuition & Financial Support


Most full-time HSRP graduate students do not pay tuition (they receive tuition remission) due to their appointments as teaching assistants (TAs), research assistant(s), or as fellows. Tuition and university fees are determined by the university.

Segregated university fees do apply to full-time HSRP graduate students who are TAs or RAs and are not covered by these appointments. HSRP graduate students on fellowship do not pay these university fees.

For more information on tuition and fees, see the UW Madison’s Tuition and Fees page.

Financial Support

Financial support is provided to graduate students through Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships. Students who hold a fellowship or an assistantship receive a stipend. Additionally, tuition is waived for students who hold a fellowship or an assistantship of at least 1/3 time. You are encouraged to complete the financial support questions on the supplemental portion of the HSRP graduate application; such information will be helpful in making decisions on teaching assistantships, fellowships, and other types of graduate student support among those students who are offered admission.