Masters Degree Curriculum

New curricular requirements for the HSRP MS and PhD degrees were approved in the summer of 2017 and are expected to be followed by those who began such programs in the Fall 2017 or later. Current HSRP graduate students who were admitted prior to Fall 2017 may follow the former curricular requirements that existed at the time of their program entry or may choose to follow the new requirements.

Required Courses for MS in HSRP

Completion of a set of core courses is required. At least 9 credits in core courses, 9 credits in methods of research and analysis, and 11 credits in specialty/advanced courses are required.

I. Core Courses (9 credits)
Core Seminar (6 credits)

Research Seminar in Social & Administrative Pharmacy (course may be repeated for credit)

Note: S&A Pharm 911 is in transition and will become a 2-credit course (presently it is 1 cr.) It is a repeatable course and will be a sequence of six themed lectures. MS students will be expected dto take the course three times to earn 6 credits.

732-911 1-2 cr.
Core Principles and Methods (3 credit minimum)
Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Services, Programs & Policy 732-711 3 cr.
Social Behavioral Theories in Pharmacy, Drug Use & Health Behavior 732-715 3 cr.
II. Methods of Research & Analysis (9 credits)
Additional Research Methods (3 credits minimum)
Select from approved list in HSRP Graduate Student Handbook. 3+ cr.
Analytic Techniques (6 credits minimum)
Select from approved list in HSRP Graduate Student Handbook. 6+ cr.
III. Specialty / Advanced Courses (11 credits)
Specialty / Advanced Courses

Select in consultation with major professor.

Note: A minimum of 6 credits must be taken outside of the School of Pharmacy for the Specialty/Advanced requirement. The Specialty/Advanced credits may include no more than 2 additional credits of repeated 911 courses and/or a 3-credit HSRP core course. The Specialty/Advanced credits cannot include more than 5 total HSRP course credits.


IV. Research (Credits may vary.)
Research 732-990 varies

Total Minimum Credits: 32 credits