Doctoral Degree Curriculum

Required Courses for PhD

I. Core Courses (16 credits)
Core Seminar (4 credits)
Research Seminar in Social & Administrative Pharmacy
(course may be taken repeatedly for credit)
732-911 1 cr.
Core Principles (9 credits)
Proseminar in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 732-622 3 cr.
Pharmaceutical Marketing & Policy 732-713 3 cr.
Social Organization of Pharmacy 732-714 3 cr.
Social Behavioral Theories in Pharmacy, Drug Use & Health Behavior 732-715 3 cr.
Core Methods (3 credits)
Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Services, Programs & Policy 732-711 3 cr.
II. Methods of Research & Analysis (15 credits)
Additional Research Methods (6 credits minimum)
Select from approved list in SAS Graduate Student Handbook. 6+ cr.
Analytic Techniques (9 credits minimum)
Select from approved list in SAS Graduate Student Handbook. 9+ cr.
Foreign Languages (History Concentration only)
*Only for M.S. students choosing the History Concentration. Ph.D. students with a history concentration must achieve reading ability in two foreign languages and take a minimum of 3 credits in methods of research and analysis.
III. Specialty / Advanced Courses (19 credits)
Specialty / Advanced Courses (12 credits minimum)
Select in consultation with major professor. 12+ cr.
Graduate-level Courses or Seminars (5 credits minimum)
Select in consultation with major professor 5+ cr.
IV. Research (Credits may vary)
Research 732-990 varies

Total Minimum Credits: 56 credits*

* Note: Students entering the SAS PhD program following completion of a master’s degree from another institution should be aware of the Graduate School’s Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement, which can be satisfied only with graduate-level courses taken as a graduate student at UW-Madison. Thirty-two (32) credits must be completed prior to achieving dissertator status and may include master’s degree credits taken at UW-Madison. For more information on the types of courses which are acceptable to count, see the Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement of the Graduate School Academic Policies and Procedures.