UW-Madison – PharmD Transfer Equivalency Course List

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Subject Area Prerequisite Requirement Transfer
General Biology
(with lab)
2 courses Zoology 151-152 Other acceptable courses: Zoology 101-102 & Botany 130
Also accepted are the BIOCORE classes 381-384
General Chemistry (with lab) 2 courses Chemistry 103-104 Other acceptable courses: Chemistry 109 or 115
Organic Chemistry (with lab) 3 courses Chemistry 343-344-345  
Calculus 1 course Math 221 Other acceptable courses: Math 171-217
Physics (with lab) 1 course Physics 103 Other acceptable courses: Physics 201 or 207
Microbiology 1 course Microbiology 101 Another acceptable course: Microbiology 303
English / Communication 1 course See note—> English 100 or any other course that meets the Comm “A” requirement
Economics 1 course Economics 101  Other acceptable course: Economics 102
Statistics 1 course Statistics 301 Other acceptable courses: Statistics 371 or 541
Social Science 1 course See note—> Any course designated as social science.
Psychology 1 course See note—> Any course designated as psychology
Ethnic (Diversity) Studies 1 course See note—> Any course that meets the UW-Madison ethnic studies requirement (may also count as social science, history, or humanities)
Humanities Courses 2 courses
(6 credits)
 See note—> Any 6 credits labeled as humanities  or foreign language will satisfy.
Total Coursework Required 72 credits

Last updated: 3/14/17