Tuition, Scholarships & Financial Aid


BS in Pharmacology & Toxicology Tuition & Segregated Fees for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Note:  Tuition is listed per semester and includes the $641.08 per-semester segregated fees:

  • Wisconsin Residents: $5,277.76 per semester
  • Minnesota Residents: $7,170.04 per semester (for students who participate in the Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Agreement)
  • Non-residents: $18,902.68 per semester
  • International:  $19,402.72 per semester

Increases in tuition should be expected each year. For more information, please visit UW Madison’s Tuition and Fees page.


Thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends and various organizations/ corporations, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy is able to award scholarships every year.  The number of scholarships available and their dollar amounts vary from year to year, depending on the funding received.  Learn more about School of Pharmacy Scholarships…

Financial Aid

The major source of financial support for BS in Pharmacology and Toxicology students is the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Services.

Office of Student Financial Aid

All students seeking financial aid who are US citizens or international students (US permanent residents only) should maintain contact with the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). Financial aid applications are available from that office, or on the website: Financial aid awards are based upon need. Undergraduate students will be considered for loans, grants, and work-study.  Many of the loans available through the OSFA have very favorable terms.  Pay close attention to financial aid deadlines; timely aid application is strongly encouraged. Late aid applicants may not receive a decision about aid until late in the summer. Do not hesitate to contact the OSFA at any time for advice or assistance.  A counselor will be glad to discuss your financial situation and try to help you find assistance. (608) 262-3060 432 N. Murray Street Madison, WI 53706

Short-Term Loans

In addition to scholarships, the School of Pharmacy has limited funds available for short-term loans to all students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy.  A student may have a maximum of $2000 outstanding in short-term loans. Short-term loans are meant to assist students until funds from major sources arrive.  Therefore, the repayment date of short-term loans is as soon as possible, usually within one year of the date of the loan. Information about short-term loans is available through the Student Services Office.