UW-Madison: Pharm-Tox Pre-Requisite Course Requirements

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Subject Area Prerequisite Requirement Transfer
1-2courses • Zoology 151-152*, or
• Zoology 101,102 and Botany 130,or
• BIOCORE 381/382 and BIOCORE 383/384
Human anatomy, human physiology, and microbiology do not count toward this requirement.
Chemistry 2 courses • Chemistry 103-104, or
• Chemistry 109, or
• Chemistry 115
• Chemistry 343-344-345
Math 1 course • Math 221, or
• Math 171-217, or
• minimum score of 4 on the AP Calculus AB exam, or
• minimum score of 4 on the AP Calculus BC exam (this option would provide one credit for Math 222)
Math 211 (calculus) does not fulfill this math requirement.
Physics  1 course Physics 103 or
Physics 201 or
Physics 207
Communication 1 course or minimum placement exam score At the UW:
Communication “A”:
• Communication Arts 100 or
• English 100, orAt any other UW school:
• UW System English placement score of at least 605 on the ENGL test, or
• UW System English placement score of at least 706 on the ECS test, or
• UW System English placement score of at least 660 on the UWEPT and730 on the UWRCT, or
• Score of at least 4 on the AP English: Lang & Composition exam,or
• Score of at least 4 on the AP English: Literature & Comp exam.
Note: A student who began his/her post-high school college education prior to summer of 1996 and whose English background does not meet the communication requirement may discuss his/her situation with a Pre-School of Pharmacy advisor.
Social Studies Any course that qualifies as social science (S) credit. 3 credits required.
Foreign Language 2 courses • 2 years of one foreign language in high school or
• 2 semesters (or 3 quarters) of one foreign language in college or
• 1 year of one foreign language in high school plus the second semester (or 2nd and 3rd quarters) of the same language in college
Other College Courses To bring total degree credits to 60 credits

Last updated: 5/12/2015

Note: In order to strengthen their applications for admission and demonstrate their preparedness for the rigorous demands of School of Pharmacy academic programs, applicants are encouraged to enroll in course loads of 14-16 credits per semester during pre-School of Pharmacy studies. (Exception: A course load of 12-14 credits is recommended for the first semester of collegiate study to help students achieve a good start in college.)

The following additional courses are required for graduation (not admission):

  • Communication “B” – Any course that is designated as such. *Zoology 152 fulfills the Communications B requirement.
  • Ethnic Studies3 credits – Instructions on how to find approved UW-Madison ethnic studies courses can be found athttp://www.ls.wisc.edu/gened/CoursesLists.htm. (An ethnic studies course may also count as communication or social science or history or humanities if it qualifies as such.)
  • Humanities6 credits – Any course that qualifies as humanities (H, X, Z) or literature (L) credit or any foreign language course
  • Physics – 2nd semester of General Physics – 4-5 credits:
    – Physics 104 or
    – Physics 202 or
    – Physics 208

Students are encouraged to work ahead on these graduation requirements. Graduation requirements that are not completed prior to enrollment in the School of Pharmacy may be completed at any time prior to graduation and at almost any college or university, with approval by the School of Pharmacy Director of Admissions (admissions@pharmacy.wisc.edu).