Selection Criteria

The goal of the admissions process is to select qualified applicants who will complete the BS Pharmacology – Toxicology (PharmTox) program successfully and become productive participants in paths pursued after graduation. All applicants are considered using the same admissions criteria.

Admission/Selection Criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • Communication skills
  • Completion of prerequisites (Courses can be completed during the application process, including the Spring and Summer 2019 terms)
  • Diversity of background and experiences
  • Interest and/or experience in research

The BS Pharmacology – Toxicology Admissions Committee considers the criteria listed above when making admissions decisions, with academic achievement as the central criterion. The Pharmacology – Toxicology program is science-rich and research-oriented; applicants are expected to present a record that demonstrates strong success in math and science courses.  In addition, while in-person or phone interviews are not routinely conducted, the Admissions Committee may request an interview for certain applicants to better clarify information on the application.


The Pharmacology-Toxicology Admissions Committee encourages prospective applicants to get involved in scientific research on their campus (at UW-Madison or elsewhere) as freshmen and sophomores, as their schedules permit.  While such should not be viewed as an official prerequisite, research experience is favorably regarded by the Admissions Committee due to the emphasis of biomedical research in the Pharm-Tox curriculum.  A student role in undergraduate research as a freshman or sophomore could be, for example, as a volunteer, as an hourly lab employee, or via student enrollment in independent study that is laboratory-based.

At UW-Madison, there are a variety of resources and courses that assist first- and second-year undergraduates in launching their research involvement.  While not a comprehensive list, the following options are presented:

UW-Madison Courses

  • Biology 260 Entering Research I (offered in the fall semester), 1 cr
  • Biology 261 Entering Research II (offered in the spring semester), 1 cr
  • Biology Core Curriculum “Biocore” (sophomore-oriented; various courses making up a comprehensive general biology curriculum)
  • Zoology 152 (2nd semester of Introductory Biology)—with the Mentored Research option of the course

UW-Madison Resources/Centers