Application Process

Where do I find the application?

Access the online application here. Applications generally open in October and close on February 1 for admission for the following fall semester. Applications are only accepted once each year for fall admission. You can save your progress in the application before submitting it, so you’re encouraged to open it early and review the various components.

Am I eligible to apply to the PharmTox major this year for admission next fall? When would I be eligible?

Students will need to have 60 college credits completed by the beginning of the fall term in which they would start the program, in addition to specific prerequisite courses. Typically, students will apply during their second (sophomore) year for admission for fall of their third (junior) year, although timelines may vary depending on AP and credits earned in high school, chemistry progression, transfer status, etc. See the Guide for details on prerequisite courses.

What information will I need to enter in the application?

  • Biographical and contact information
  • Prerequisite courses – you will enter all of the prerequisite courses you have taken or plan to take, when they were/will be completed, and grades received (if applicable)
  • Anticipated courses for the upcoming spring and summer
  • Work history
  • Research activities and roles
  • Extracurricular/volunteer activities
  • An essay of 750 to 1000 words on your interest in research-based learning and long term career goals, as well as any additional information you feel would be valuable for the Admissions Committee.
  • Letters of recommendation – you will need to provide the names and email addresses of two references who will submit letters of recommendation for you. References can be submitted in advance of finalizing your application – we encourage you to submit these early to give your references plenty of time to submit their recommendations! References will then be emailed access to an online portal where they can submit their recommendation. It is desirable that at least one recommendation letter come from a college course professor/instructor (including teaching assistants and graduate students) or from a laboratory mentor. At least one reference must be from someone who has had knowledge of and contact with you within the 12 months preceding the application deadline. These must be professional references (not a friend or a peer).

What about transcripts?

Current UW-Madison students do not need to submit UW-Madison transcripts, as the program will access those, nor do they need to submit any additional transcripts from other universities if they have already been received by the UW-Madison Office of Admissions. If you have taken coursework at other colleges or universities and have not sent those transcripts to the Office of Admissions for posting to your UW-Madison record, please send those to Kendra Gurnee at the School of Pharmacy (777 Highland Ave, Madison, WI, 53705 or The PharmTox program will need records and grades of all college coursework taken regardless of institution.

What if I am currently a student at a different university and will be starting at UW-Madison the same semester I would start the PharmTox major?

Students can apply to both UW-Madison and PharmTox for admission to both in the same fall semester. Transfer students need to first complete a UW-System or Common Application to UW-Madison as a transfer student. We encourage students to start their application to UW-Madison early, as students will need a NetID in order to work on and submit the PharmTox application. You can work on and submit your PharmTox application before knowing whether or not you have been admitted to UW-Madison, but you will ultimately need to be admitted to UW-Madison in order to also be admitted to the PharmTox program.