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Pharmacy Practice Faculty
Susanne Barnett
Susanne Barnett, Associate Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Dr. Barnett’s scholarship is motivated by identified areas of improvement in the classroom and within her clinical practice site. Her research relies on quality improvement and assurance processes to guide antimicrobial stewardship and teaching practices.

Robert Breslow
Robert Breslow, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical practice: Medication Utilization/Appropriateness

Research interests: Risks increasing adverse drug events in the elderly to include falls and inappropriate medication use. Diagnosis and management of osteoporosis with emphasis on vitamin D and calcium.

John Dopp
John Dopp, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical practice: Treatment of sleep disorders and management of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  Identification and management of sleep problems in college athletes.

Research Interests: Mechanisms for cardiovascular disease in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and identification of interventions and therapies to minimize and prevent cardiovascular complications.

Steven Ebert
Steven Ebert, Clinical Professor

Clinical Practice and Research Interests: Antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics, and appropriate utilization of healthcare resources.

Casey  Gallimore
Casey Gallimore, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Chronic disease state management; Psychiatric pharmacy.

Research Interests: Educational based scholarship

Barry Gidal
Barry Gidal, Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice:  Neurology

Research Interests:  Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and the metabolic effects of anticonvulsant medications.

Mary Hayney
Mary Hayney, Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Lung transplantation.

Research Interests: Host response to vaccination and protective effects, especially as they relate to immunosuppressed individuals.

Paul Hutson
Paul Hutson, Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Palliative Care; Oncology / Hematology.

Research Interests: Palliative care; Population pharmacokinetic modeling; Entheogens.

Mara Kieser
Mara Kieser, Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Long Term Care. 

Research Interests: Cost implications and benefits of student clerkships.

Karen Kopacek
Karen Kopacek, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Trauma, cardiothoracic, and cardiac intensive care.

Amanda Margolis
Amanda Margolis, Assistant Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Preceptor development, interprofessional education in an experiential setting, teaching and learning of evidence-based medicine

Beth Martin
Beth Martin, Professor (CHS) and Chair

Clinical Interests: Community pharmacy practice.

Research Interests: Evaluate the effectiveness of educational methodologies to enhance pharmacist, student or patient learning and confidence, and the degree to which performance-based abilities are transferred from the learning environment to the real world setting. 

Michael Pitterle
Michael Pitterle, Associate Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Development and evaluation of computer applications in pharmacy student education and practice.

Pamela Ploetz
Pamela Ploetz, Clinical Associate Professor

Research Interests: Pharmacy workload and productivity, quality improvement, medication error prevention monitoring, and drug usage evaluation.

Andrea Porter
Andrea Porter, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice:  Anticoagulation

Research Interests:  Educational-based scholarship, particularly educational innovation and teaching methods, as well as clinical research involving anticoagulation

Edward Portillo
Edward Portillo, Assistant Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Primary Care/Ambulatory Care Clinic Practice

Research Interests: Evaluation and expansion of interprofessional service models using dissemination science to incorporate pharmacists as patient care providers. Education-based research involving evaluation of thematic curricular pathways to best position students for success post-graduation.

Warren Rose
Warren Rose, Associate Professor (Drug Discovery)| Rose Lab website

Research Interests: • Antimicrobial resistance and pharmacodynamics  • Antimicrobial effects on host-pathogen interactions

Steven Rough
Steven Rough, Clinical Associate Professor
Natalie Schmitz
Natalie Schmitz, Assistant Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice:  Neurology

Research Interests:  Dr. Schmitz’s translational research program focuses on optimizing therapies, particularly cannabinoids, for neurologic conditions by investigating pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, exposure-response, safety and efficacy.

Arthur Schuna
Arthur Schuna, Clinical Professor

Clinical Practice: Primary care with emphasis in hypertension and rheumatology.

Research Interests: Clinical evaluation of hypertension and arthritis treatments.

Trisha Seys Ranola
Trisha Seys Ranola, Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical practice: Interdisciplinary team geriatric medicine; diabetes; cardiac: hypertension, lipids, heart failure; anticoagulation; anemia; polypharmacy reduction

Christine Sorkness
Christine Sorkness, Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Evaluating the efficacy and safety of therapeutic agents for asthma and allergic diseases.

Ronald Sorkness
Ronald Sorkness, Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Mechanisms of obstructive airway disease and virus-induced airway dysfunction.

Thomas Thielke
Thomas Thielke, Clinical Professor
Eva Vivian
Eva Vivian, Professor (CHS)

Research Interests: Eva works with members of under-resourced communities to identify health issues that are important to their community, with the aim of combining knowledge with action and achieving social change to improve health outcomes and eliminate health disparities.

Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli
Denise Walbrandt Pigarelli, Associate Professor (CHS)

Clinical Practice: Diabetes.

Research Interests: Clinical and quality of life outcomes of drug therapy and pharmaceutical care.  Academic research interests include outcomes related to instructional design and assessment

Cody Wenthur
Cody Wenthur, Assistant Professor (Drug Action)| Wenthur Lab Website

Research Interests: Elucidating how neurochemical systems interact to support maladaptive learning and synaptic plasticity; Development of novel bioconjugates to probe the effects of psychoactive substances; Identifying biomarkers of ongoing drug abuse; Assessing barriers to implementation of novel addiction treatment paradigms.

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