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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gallimore and Margolis demonstrate teaching excellence

The Teaching Academy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced the induction of 16 new members for the 2014 year, including two individuals from the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy. Casey E. Gallimore, PharmD, Associate Professor (CHS), Pharmacy Practice Division, was selected as one of seven Fellows. Amanda Margolis, researcher with the Pharmacy Practice Division, was chosen as one of nine Future Faculty Partners (FFPs).

The Teaching Academy, created in 1993, is a membership organization made up of UW-Madison faculty members and instructional staff throughout campus who provide leadership to strengthen undergraduate, graduate, and outreach teaching and learning at the University.

Fellows, like Gallimore, are faculty, academic staff, and outreach instructors who have been nominated for their commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning across campus. As an FFP, Margolis and others are engaged in graduate or professional study for a career in higher education teaching or outreach and also have a deep interest in and commitment to higher education.

Having previously participated in other programs and courses, Margolis commented she was looking for a broader group to influence her teaching and learning, so she nominated herself to be an FFP with the Teaching Academy. According to Margolis, her involvement with the Teaching Academy has met her needs and exposed her to a more diverse population of teachers.

“I have a community to remind me about teaching where I can get ideas from outside the School of Pharmacy,” said Margolis.

Both Gallimore and Margolis were admitted to the Teaching Academy based on their demonstrated excellence in teaching and on the recommendations of their peers.The induction ceremony was held on April 24, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. in the Education Building.