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Experiential Education Director
Mara Kieser, MS, RPh, CGP, FASCP
Fourth-Year APPE Course Coordinator
608-262-6168 | Email

Program Associate
Tina Rundle
608-262-4842 | Email

Program Associate
Sami Allen
608-265-0912 | Email








UW School of Pharmacy
Experiential Education
777 Highland Avenue
Madison WI 53705
FAX: 608-890-3648

First-Year IPPE Course Coordinator
Andrea Porter, PharmD, RPh
608-890-0742 | Email

First-Year IPPE Course Coordinator
Beth Martin, PhD, RPh
608-265-4667 | Email

Second-Year IPPE Course Coordinator
Susanne Barnett, PharmD, RPh
608-265-1168 | Email

Third-Year IPPE Course Coordinator
Connie Kraus, PharmD, BCACP, RPh
608-262-8620 | Email

Fourth-Year APPE Ambulatory Care Course Coordinator
Mara Kieser, MS, RPh
608-262-6168 | Email

Fourth-Year APPE Acute Care Course Coordinator
Robert Breslow, RPh
608-262-5365 | Email

Fourth-Year APPE Elective Course Coordinator
Denise Pigarelli, PharmD, BC-ADM, RPh
608-263-0507 | Email

Fourth-Year APPE Elective Course Coordinator
and Preceptor Development

Amanda Margolis, PharmD, MS, BCACP, RPh
608-890-0434 | Email