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University of Wisconsin-Madison

DeMuth honored for his leadership on USP Committee

James DeMuth, professor in the Extension Services Division, accepted the award on behalf of the USP General Experts Committee in recognition of its accomplishments at the The United States Pharmacopeial Convention,(USP).

The inaugural quinquennial award honors outstanding contributions by a USP expert committee in advancing, and protecting public health. The USP General Chapters Expert Committee, chaired by DeMuth, received the USP Award for an outstanding contribution to the standards-setting process and for its breadth of work during the 2005–2010 USP cycle.

The committee moved to official status a number of high impact general chapters, most notably Residual Solvents and significant contributions to improving standards for metal impurities testing. With this award, USP notes that the committee is a role model for improving the quality and promoting the harmonization of standards, as well as engaging users in the development of and educating users about USP standards.

The USP Heparin Advisory Panel was also recognized with the award. Both groups work in USP’s standards-setting body, the Council of Experts.